Random Thoughts Sunday - Open Thread

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Got this photo from an old friend in Montana.  Mother Nature recently dumped inches and inches of the white stuff. When I talked to my Mom on Saturday she was snowed in (the snow was so deep from the night before that she couldn't get her front door open.

Montana Snow

How is winter treating you in your neck of the woods?

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The United States formally transferred control of the Green Zone to Iraqi authorities Thursday in a pair of ceremonies that also handed back Saddam Hussein's former palace. Iraq's prime minister said he will propose making Jan. 1 a holiday marking the restoration of sovereignty.

 Making New Year's Day Iraqi Independence Day?

We had a small bit of ice and snow but nothing to get excited about either.  The rest of the time we have had unusually warm weather followed by unusually cold weather.  I don't mind it except the 30 to 40 degree swings make you feel like you just can't get adjusted.