Resist the encroaching wave of hatred and violence.


It's up to us, folks. All of us.

The @GOP’s increased, incessant drumbeat & incitement of racism, hatred, bigotry, misogyny has solidified into the platform of the party in power. The negative impact to the State of the Nation has been immediate, and to the shame of all US citizens. The Trump GOP is doing its literal damndest to drag this nation back into their personal, paranoid, xenophobic's now time for all remaining citizens, for all mature and civilized adults, to not only hope but to strive to undo the damage before it sets.

#Impeact #Indict #Remove #Investigate #Expose #Resist

We have a legacy of hatred and violence in our nation that we strove to be better than - the best among us never let us forget to look back, so that we could see the signs and set a path toward a better, brighter future. Today's Republican Party has wholeheartedly given itself to the pursuit of power and corruption at the expense of all else: national security, personal and professional ethics, the rights and freedoms of our citizens, and our capacity to control our own destiny within our borders and upon our planet.

#Impeact #Indict #Remove #Investigate #Expose #Resist

Remember that legacy of hatred and violence. Remember how the GOP fought tooth and nail to bring it back into the mainstream, and watch how Trump & his Administration race to carry it forward upon a foundation of fascism and authoritarianism, rife with the trappings of hate-fueled self-indulgence and the "Might Makes Right" / "Power to the Privileged" platform of while male-dominated nationalism.

And then fight them, tooth and nail, hammer and tong, pen and keyboard, on foot and in person.

Stop them. Remove them from office before they can get any further, and never let them back in.

#Impeact #Indict #Remove #Investigate #Expose #Resist

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Trump crowds evoke our ugly legacy of racial terrorism and lynching
by Denise Oliver Velez, Daily Kos

#AlwaysRemember #ResistanceIsNeverFutile #Impeach #Indict #Convict #Remove

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