Same-sex marriage, I understand you may not agree

Today was another historic day for gays and lesbians, not just in Vermont or the United States, but around the World.

I think instead of writing about Vermont becoming the fourth state (five if you include California which is awaiting a ruling to overturn Prop 8) to legalize same-sex marriage, I would like to address those of you who don't agree with the idea.

Unlike some of my counterparts in the LGBT "press" or bloggers who at times take too much delight in bashing those against gay marriage or unions, I try to keep a level head about the idea, that yes there are those who are opposed.

Oh I've had my share of bringing to light the "zealots", these aren't the folks I'm addressing.

I'm talking about my neighbors who I have know since being a kid and because of their religious beliefs can not accept the concept of marriage as being anything but between a man and a woman.

I'm talking about the older generations who can't understand the whole concept of being gay and shake their head in disgust at the very notion that two men or two women can fall in love and want to spend the rest of their life together.

I'm talking about the parent who has been "brainwashed" by his or her zealot religous leader and sometimes friends who fear with same-sex marriage comes adding to the school curriculum the teaching of homosexuality. It doesn't take same-sex marriage to do that, being gay is now part of society.

In a posting on one of my LGBT sites, I wrote in part, "when we continually bash those who are against us, have we not become the same as the gay bashers that we so much detest."

From time to time, not often though, I have taken some heat for my "middle ground". But that's fine as I try to look at things, as in my politics, from both sides of the fence. It's too easy to jump on one side and not see and try to understand the opposing view. Perhaps because I'm the age I am, I've become tolerant of rational opposing viewpoints.

And that's what I would ask of you, those who can not accept the concept of same-sex marriage. Remain rational and try to understand that if nothing else, the opportunity for two people who happen to be of the same gender, can now be as happy as anyone else in the "straight" world.

Isn't that one of our goals in life, to find happiness for everyone, and not just the select majority.


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