Sergeant Bruhns trusts Edwards the most to end the War

The Hill:

Bruhns volunteered for the Army infantry after the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, hoping to go to Afghanistan.

Instead, he found himself in the lead of the Army’s invasion of Iraq. He left the Army as a sergeant in 2005, moved to Northern Virginia and began lobbying against the war.

His blunt-spoken military bearing seemed to enhance his credibility on the war issue. In April, he won a contest with an anti-war video ...

VideoVets: John Bruhns

"It never seemed to me as if we were fighting Al Qaeda, bin Laden, or the people who were responsible for attacking us on 9/11 -- the mission was so confusing ..."

Sergeant John Bruhns:

As someone who served in the U.S. military honorably for 8 years I am saddened by what has come of America. When a person joins the military they do so out of love for their country. They do so because they believe that their fellow citizens should be safe and secure in their homeland. This is not the case.

And God forbid you speak up in protest to this terrible injustice. Those who have not shared in the sacrifice one bit will be the quickest to call you a coward, traitor, and a defeatist. ... they actually wish to deny the American people of their first amendment rights.

As the presidential primary elections approach I look at the current state of affairs of our nation. We have millions of people who are without jobs, without enough to eat, without health care, and without hope. We are engaged in an endless war in Iraq that has cost us over $500 billion dollars (so far) while our own people are in need of basic life necessities. Americans struggle day-to-day just to make ends meet and our environment is rapidly deteriorating. All while George W. Bush goes about his business and pretends that everything is fine.

Sergeant John Bruhns:

My ideal candidate will:

- End the war in Iraq

- Only use war as a last resort

- Provide hope & optimism instead of encouraging hate & fear

- Restore America's standing in the world community

- End the division here at home

- Finally end partisan claims to patriotism and troop support

- Place the interests and wishes of the American people as their # 1 priority

- Have the courage to stand up to special interests groups and party orthodoxy

- Stop the outsourcing of American jobs

- Be a strong advocate for universal health care

- Work hard for environmental protection

- Be part of the solution not the problem

- Admit when they are wrong and make the necessary corrections

- Speak in coherent sentences (added bonus)

I strongly believe that John Edwards is the best candidate running for the presidency of the United States. I believe that he will be strong at home and abroad. I believe that he has the best plan to end poverty, protect American jobs, and restore hope to the middle class. Most importantly, I believe wholeheartedly that he will end the war in Iraq and that he would never send our brave men and women in uniform into harms way unless it is absolutely necessary.

Dec 12, 2007
John Edwards:

"I am honored to receive Sergeant Bruhns' endorsement," said Senator Edwards. "His commitment to serving our country should serve as an example to all of us. I look forward to working with him to expand economic opportunity at home and to restore America's moral authority in the world. Together, we can create the better America we believe in."

The fact the John Bruhns is willing to speak out with such clarity about Iraq and such clarity about John Edwards -- speaks volumes about both men.

John Bruhns trusts Senator Edwards judgment to only go to war "as a last resort"

John Edwards honors the service and commitment of America's fighting men and women enough, only to send them to war as a last resort.

Even this honorable veteran of 8 years, sees that Americans need help at home, on so many fronts. This vet also sees John Edwards as the Leader he trusts, to fight to get Americans that help we need.

Now that's an Endorsement!

(It seems too that this Vet had to learn his lesson the hard way -- about not trusting the Bush Administration, on matters of such grave importance. He and Edwards have another thing in common.)

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