Should the Government Control Censorship?

At a time when the American economy appears to be suffering from a financial decline, or a recession, there is a constant need and a certain desperation for production to continue-wherever it is possible. Having said that, in the entertainment industry, shouldn't the business (among other prospects) be allowed to expand beyond their simple conquests and explore new pastures, starting with the decrease of censorship?

In the world of film and television, the government puts an extremely tight lit leash. Although the film world has more liberties than the television industries. A major concept and difference between the local television companies (owned by government agencies) and the cable companies (privately owned stations) are the allotted amount of adult liberties and prospects.

Although there are some television series that push the envelope on the levels of adult material. Good examples of such liberties is adult language, which is almost always edited out with appropriately placed bleeps. But what about when the expected is not what happens on television?

If you want to see something unexpected, watch this clip:
and see if that should be edited out.

If anyone can say honestly that honest life should be edited out of the equation of television, then please comment.

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