The Silent Constituency: The African American Voter

I woke up today to read two stirring diaries by two of my favorite diarists, kid oakland and teacherken. Both thought provoking and on point.

But I am going to go further, because I can being African American and growing up in this community.

And I will go even a greater step further. If the Democrats do not stand up and get a spine they will lose in November.


There has been much talk of Hillary and her gang talking about how Obama can't win, is unelectable, etc. Well, two words, just bullshit.

The Main Stream Media, affectionately called MSM has refused to discuss and look at the other side of this equation, which is the Democratic base silent constituency, the African American voter. The MSM has chosen to look at the white vote, etc.

Fine, do that, but at your peril, especially these superdelegates.

Hillary Clinton continues to claim she can win Ohio and Pennsylvania. Not without heavy African American turnout. That is just the truth and if she is the nominee this constituency, along with me, will sit out or write in another candidate. Sorry, that is what is happening in this community.

The Clintons believe that they can throw this group under the bus, steal the nomination, then come back in our community and in our churches that have many like and unlike Reverend Wright's in them, sit in our pew, sing and nod Amen, perform a fake kiss and make up, and expect us to turn out to vote for them.

I am here to tell you, it won't happen.

Many in the African American community are angry at the Clintons and have said they won't vote for Hillary Clinton. Many are reenergized about the Obama candidacy. Many are voting and registering at record numbers for the primaries and the fall general election. And many have sat, silently in horror at what the Clintons have done and what the leadership of the Democratic Party have not done. This anger is real, festering, and will use its political power in November.

Many will comment and say, "Why, it is political suicide, to vote against your interest?" Well, I will tell you why it will happen.

We have been through almost 8 years of George W. Bush, it has been tough, but many in the African-American community have resolve and don't care. Why should we? When has any politician done anything for this block of voters or the inner city for that fact? It has been a long time. These politicians come in our community, smile, point the finger, say they will do this, that, or the other and after election day, it is the same old thing. Nothing happens. Simple as that.

The Clintons do not care. Bill Clinton threw poor single mothers under the bus with the Welfare Reform and many have not recovered from that. Bill Clinton signed one of the most damaging pieces of legislation that target poor Black and Latino men and in this country and incarcerated them at an alarming rate. Who want them back again?

The African American Community is angry but even more so, angry at The Democratic Party. Leaders in this party with no spine in their back, to allow this woman to say whatever, do whatever without calling her on the carpet.

Well, many of these elected officials will run in November, many in communities with high African American voters. Many just may lose their seat due to anger of the African American community. So, while you are sitting on the sideline acting scurred, you are losing an opportunity to be looked upon as a leader to bring this party together. If Hillary Clinton damages Barack Obama's chances to win this in November, many of you will be looked upon as weak no nothings. It will be a long time before you can heal and bring us all together again. The Democratic Party will be looked upon with skepticism after this and rightly so.

The Democratic Party has very little time. The Clintons are not gods, they are money hunger, power driven people that do not care about anyone but themselves and what someone can do for them. It is time to end their rule and hold on this party. It is time for Democrats in leadership positions to stand up and push them aside.

If you don't, we will not win in November.

Update [2008-4-25 10:11:26 by icebergslim]:
This is about winning the nomination by the rules and fairly. If Hillary Clinton was in the position as Barack Obama, I would have called for him to get out. Why? For the good of the party. What is happening now, is not for the good of the party.


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