Single Payer Victory!

It is just one of the many battles that single payer advocates have won over the years... But this one is no less important than any of the others.

Earlier today After Downing Street and Corrente confirmed that John Conyers was our first and only single payer advocate invited to the big healthcare summit tomorrow.

Google. After Downing Street, interestingly.

So now, call 'em again and ask why not PNHP? Or Health Care Now? Heck, not even HCAN't? What's wrong with these people? Why can't ordinary citizens get a seat at the table?

The White House (202) 456-1414 or (202) 456-1111. Remember, if you've got a rotary phone, you always get to soeak to a human!

NOTE Hat tip, DCBlogger.

But it gets better below the fold...

An email circulated amongst COMA-CT and PNHP supporters and posted by DCBlogger originally:

Because of all your calls and emails, Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), our ally in support of single-payer healthcare, received word that Dr. Oliver Fein, president of PNHP, has been invited to participate in tomorrow's White House summit on healthcare. He will therefore be joining Rep. John Conyers in the meeting as a strong advocate for a single-payer healthcare.

Given this development, the demonstration outside the White House that was planned for tomorrow is cancelled.

While the number of single-payer advocates in the summit will be few in number, we feel we have won an important victory and that demonstrative activity at the White House may be important in the future, but will not be appropriate for tomorrow's healthcare summit.

Remember, a clear majority of physicians and Americans support Medicare for all. The representation of single-payer at all (and future) healthcare gatherings should reflect this support. Our work has only just begun.

Please continue to urge your members of Congress and President Obama to support single-payer national health insurance, the only solution to our healthcare crisis. Please continue to organize in your community and congressional district to support HR 676.

Mark your calendars for the next national call-in day to Congress on Tuesday, March 10th. We will also ask you to fax your insurance bills to Congress. Stay tuned for details!

If you are in Washington, DC, please join us to demonstrate in front of the American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Conference on March 10th at 11am (Ritz Carlton - 1150 22nd Street, N.W. Either Dupont Circle Metro or GWU/Foggy Bottom Metro).

Thanks to everyone who called and e-mailed the White House about including single-payer views at the summit - you helped make this victory happen!

Showcasing the President's commitment to opening up the process and enabling all Americans to hold their leaders accountable, the healthcare summit will broadcast on C-SPAN and on the web.

Obviously they heard form a lot of people. You can be sure that much is going on behind the scenes for this to have happened, we just need to keep spreading the word about HR 676.

Yes! The thousands of squeaky wheels calling in are getting the grease...

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Maybe you can give this some consideration too? We need all of the allies we can get on this. :) And nyceve has another fine piece up on this all as well. Single payer gathers some speed!!!