So, how do things work around here?

I wanted to post a little commentary, welcoming all the new members ...
ePluribus Media is in its 4th year and still growing strong.

ePluribus Media is one name with many parts, so I offer a little overview of who we are, what we do and how we do it ...

The who we are and what we do parts are easy. There is a wealth of information about us in the FAQs still housed on the archived scoop site.

Who we are ...

Mission Statement [from the FAQs page]:

ePluribus Media is a cooperative of citizen volunteers dedicated to researching issues of common concern and encouraging the highest standards of ethics and journalism.

What we do ...

This is a little more complicated -- and where the many parts comes in. Starting with this site, the community site ... the mission is:

discuss, debate, decide

Open discussion and friendly debate are always welcome. The FAQs go further to describe the community site:

ePluribus Media Community is drupal-powered site providing open forums for community discussion about propaganda, citizen journalism, ethics in journalism and other topics of concern. If you are reading this, you are on the Community site. What you post on this site is considered your own personal work, not ePluribus Media's. However, as a community, we strive to further responsible research, writing, and journalism standards and encourage all posters to adhere to these tenets. See the Toolbox and the Citizen Journalism sections for examples and more information.

Meeting the needs of the community is a goal we strive for.

Site moderators -- volunteers who give a day or more a week to watching the site -- keep an eye on things and promote commentaries.

Each day, rba brings us our open thread in the form of the daily news.

Several new features have been added to support the growth of the community. John Spinelli, who has done excellent work as our Ohio News Bureau Chief, posts both on the community site and the on the Journal. His coverage of the Cleveland Debates was excellent and has been linked to by other sites.

Aaron Barlow selected the ePluribus Media community to host his conference workspace for the race and new media conference.

You can now tune into Adam Lambert (clammyc) and David Atkins (thereisnospoon) every Wednesday night [8 PM Eastern - 5PM Pacific] on ePluribus Radio.

This new, drupal-powered rendition of the community site was launched last December in response to features requests from the community.

The Contact Form on this website [available via the link at the top of the page] allows anybody to contact ePluribus Media and direct their query to a specific department [timelines, editors, volunteers, etc.] We endeavor to answer every email we receive.

In addition to the community site there are three other parts that make up ePluribus Media.

The ePluribus Media Journal is a Joomla-powered site and hosts ePluribus Media published stories, much like a news magazine. Stories published there are the product of the ePluribus Media researchers, writers, fact checkers and other volunteers. Only these stories are considered the work of ePluribus Media.

Journal stories should be unique to the Journal, or at least published there first. We do make exceptions in Opinion/Editorial submissions and in our State News Bureau section. Journal stories usually start out as investigations.

ePluribus Media Investigations is a drupal-powered site, limited to vetted volunteer researchers, who do the investigative work that is the backbone of ePluribus Media reporting. If you would like to become part of the investigative community, email us at

There is a wealth of research already stored in our archived investigations site. Researchers and writers work with a "cat-herder" to build a story. This story then goes to the editors and fact-checkers. Once it has successfully completed the process it is published on the Journal.

ePluribus Media Timelines
is dadabik-powered site for searchable timelines on various research topics -- incidents related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in veterans/soldiers, hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Plamegate -- where only fact checked and sourced events are displayed within the timelines, ensuring the credibility and accuracy of the data. If you have data to add to the timelines, email it to

That about covers it for the who we are and what we do.

How we do it ...

Last, but definitely not least is how we do it. The answer is you. Without "you" there wouldn't be an "us." ePluribus Media [Community, Journal, Timelines and Investigations] is an all volunteer organization, depending entirely on donations to keep the servers humming, license images, pay subscriptions, etc. If you have a question or would like to volunteer, we encourage you to contact us, or leave us a note in the comments section below.

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