Some thoughts on Social Media

Social Media plays a large part in our lives, allowing us to connect and share with people all over the world. It has also become a major source of stress in the Age of Trump.

Facebook (and Twitter to a degree) are our virtual living rooms. You invite people in to visit, not to argue or cause chaos. You are not obligated to "be nice" to people that come on your Facebook page and cause chaos, the same way you are not obligated to "be nice" to people that come into your living room and cause chaos.

I don't have any problem at all with unfriending or blocking Trumpsters on my social media -- even if they are related to me. It is surprising the number of people I thought were intelligent, compassionate and dedicated Americans that have turned to mysogyny, xenophobia and outright racism. These are not people I want in my life in any capacity, so why would their beliefs be tolerated in my virtual living room?

Minorities are being beaten, our government is taking children from their parents and torturing them, pardoning criminals and racists, destroying our environment, taking healthcare and food from disadvantaged people ... These things are being done in OUR name. It is unconscionable. Finding out that people I have known and respected are actually 100% behind the policies, is more than I can bear some days.

The America we know is being stripped away, one grandiose signature at a time. It will take decades to recover our civil liberties --

So, Thanks Trumpsters. You have turned America into a travesty of its former self. At least Vlad is happy.


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