Some of us are so fed up with Obama


Really, though, Obama has gone too far. He is still weeks away from being President but he is already making some of us annoyed.

Look at the facts, all you Obama lovers. Even in this period of waiting for office, he has had plenty of opportunity to make mistakes. He could say the wrong thing, rile whole groups and, above all, make just one appointment to send groups of armed citizens rushing to take control of Capitol Hill.

He has failed miserably.

Every appearance has been near perfect. Every fireside chat has addressed the key issues that are worrying people. Each appointment has been thought through and carefully put in place and, even where one or two might have raised eyebrows, he has disarmed criticism by making categorical statements such as on torture that remove any question of previously held individual views of appointees being at odds with his own campaign pledges.

This is becoming insufferable. Yeah, yeah, Mr-Goody-Too-Perfect. You’re killin’ some of us.

What’s the point of blogging anymore? There is not a decent rant available to us. What value is blogging without at least a half decent rant?

Obama has turned some of our best progressive blogs into media barely more interesting than knitting pattern magazines. The incidence of commentaries containing pictures of cats have grown exponentially with the decline of biting criticism and angst.

Damn it, this is the deepest and most fierce economic depression that any of us have faced and yet what does Obama make us feel other than warm and cared about?

Honestly, it is all too much. As if Obama, with his youthful good looks, was not enough we have to have the gorgeous, intelligent Michelle and the two lovely girls that are just so damn beautiful as a family. And the new puppy has not even arrived yet.

Well, America. You have gone too far this time. As a foreigner I can tell you that you are beginning to really make us angry. With our politicians we have always been able to feel that, however bad they are, at least they weren’t George Bush. You have stripped us of any such comfort. You are displaying a national selfishness that for so long many of us ascribed to being a Bush aberration and not representative of individual Americans. Well, now you all have to take the blame for leaving us feeling wretchedly disadvantaged.

Please, go and do something stupid. You know you are capable of it. Just something.

There is just so much that the long past sell-by dated Sarah Palin can do to pre-occupy us before we all sink into an admiring awe struck silence of Obama-land that leaves nothing left to write about.

No, please don’t reply with a pootie picture. I only like reading about dogs (until THAT one arrives on the White House lawn - although, hopefully, it will cause a scandal by ruining that immensely valuable carpet presented to Eisenhower by the Emir of Abi Dabi Emirates or some such from whom you need oil).

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the deafening silence on the blogs ... (or at least the left-leaning blogs). Celebration Fatigue ... [sigh]?

Times are gettin' hard boys

Money's gettin' low

Guess I better get a drink

Afore we get to Buffalo


Well maybe it wasn't one of Woody's songs, but I do sympathize with you. I am really having a problem. I'm getting so damn cheerful lately. I may even get good tempered soon.