Sorry Not to Have Been Around--I took a wonderful Xmas Walk in the Park

Here's a commentary on Xmas that is simultaneously funny and serious. It comes to us from an interesting site--Scholars and Rogues. There are some interesting links in the rest of the post that it make it worth checking out for yourselves. Here's the site. A Following the excerpt, I will post another link from the same site that documents how much closer Hillary is to the Republican power structure than to the Progressive Democratic Party that we hope will come together after the next election if not sooner. First to Jim Booth's post, Santa Doesn't Want Jesus on a Sunbeam.

Some nut out in Bremerton Washington has put up a cross in his yard with Santa nailed to it. Normally I wouldn’t comment on such a shameless plea against the commercialization of Christmas, but this one crosses a line and I feel compelled to speak out.

Who does this jerk wad think he is? How can any of us enjoy the excess and over consumption that is our right as members of the American Empire® with this kind of criticism paraded before us in a naked attempt to make us think about - well, to think…?

I am reminded of the warning Lucy Van Pelt gave to Charlie Brown concerning the Christmas holiday: “It’s run by a big Eastern syndicate, you know.”

Now to the other link, with just one further comment first. My New Year's resolution taken early, was not to make anymore snide comments about the Clinton's, however I cannot but notice the way Bill Clinton is preempting her. It seriously makes me think again about his character flaw as manifest by his "woman problem." It seems almost like he is deliberately upstaging "his wife," and it certainly seems legitimate to ask how she will be able to control him should she be elected to be the next president. I am not talking about his predatory behavior toward women and his disregard of decent conduct toward his wife and daughter but to his installing himself as the de facto co-president. And I am saying this seriously.

Here is the linke to the commentary by Russ Wellen, Hillary's Telling the truth--That's the Problem.

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