Stephen Murray: Hero

Paradise Fire

Stephen Murray was the maintenance man at the 281 resident trailer park in Paradise, California. On the morning of Thursday, November 8, he could see the fire coming. Before any orders to evacuate were sent out, he drove around the park honking his horn and alerting the residents.

Evacuation was not as easy as it sounded, many of the residents were elderly and Apple Tree Village Park only had one road leading out -- and that road was backed up and not moving.  Thinking quickly, Murray told one resident, "I'm gonna take my work truck and plow through the fence so we can get out of the park."

And he did. Stephen used the opening in the fence to access the bike trail, which he and other residents used to escape the flames. Of the 281 residents on Apple Tree Village Park, some are still missing. Murray is sharing his contact information and would like any residents of the Apple Tree Village park to contact him. Mike Murphy, owner of the park, and Stephen would like any information on park residents. If you or someone you know has evacuated from this mobile home park, please contact Stephen Murray at or (530) 513-8003, or Mike Murphy at (916) 715-7342. 

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