Technology and Education

Eduaction provides people with tools and knowledge they need to understand, perform, and participate in todays world. Education enhances the ability of households to manage health problems, improve nutrition and childcare, and plan for the future. It helps to sustain the human values that contribute to individual and collective well-being. It is the basis for lifelong learning. It inspires confidence and provides the skills needed to participate in public debate. It makes people more self-reliant and are of opportunities and rights.
Omar Wason, mentiones William Gibson's quote " the future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed". Omar Wason also mentions that technology sweeps away jobs, but eduaction helps people develop skills to do more complex jobs, technology takes a job away from someone and creates more opportunities for more educated people. Education is essential for economic development and eradicating poverty. It allows people to be more productive, to play a greater role in economic life, and to earn a better living.
Now lets discuss why technology and what it does for us. "Technology is the process by which humans modify nature to meet their needs and wants", as most of the websites define it. But what does this tell us exactly? Technology is the result of engineering and science, you can even conclude that it is the natural study of the world.
When Technology was born, life itself began to take a sudden different turn. All of this began when the great number of factories grew fast, and people from the countryside began to move into the towns looking for better paid work and opportunities. The wages of a farm workers were very low and there were less jobs working on farms because of the invention and use of new machines such as threshers. Also a great amount of new workers were needed to work machines in mills and foundries and the factory owners built houses for them. Cities filled to overflowing and London was particularly bad. Technnology today, has grew even more and people tend to rely on it faster. Technology gives us the opportunity of a different kind of challenge more of a mental challenge rather than a physical one. Technology sweeps away jobs but education helps peple develp skills to do more complex jobs.
This leads us to another topic that was discussed which is eduaction. How are schools structured exactly? What are schools for? School and education is sort of an attempt to make sence of emerging transition from modern to postmodern ways of thinking about society and education. Eduaction is extremely important, because when you are educated you have the whole world in your hand. Eduaction opens every door, and every opportunity. Certain people, take these chances that were given to them for granted. The importance of education cannot be overestimated; conversely the lack of it is a persistent root cause of social problems, alienation, dysfunction and criminal behavior. Making education accessible and effective is not only one of the great challenges of modern societies, it is also at the crux of their civilized development
Despite certain people and their actions most people tend to obsess over technology and what it can do today. Technology has opened up million opportunities and provided many educated men and women with jobs. Life itself bagan to take a different turn ever since technology has shown what it can do. While others, from a couple of centuries back still have a hard time with technology.

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