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How Can You Question Climate Change Now?

January 11, 2008

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     Ominous Arctic Melts Worry Experts: An already relentless melting of the Arctic greatly accelerated this summer, a warning sign that some scientists worry could mean global warming has passed an ominous tipping point. One even speculated that summer sea ice would be gone in five years.

Arctic Ice Cap Melting To Dangerous Lows

September 1, 2008

Situation In Arctic Ice Affects Many Things Including Weather

     Chukchi Sea, Alaska- The conditions of the Arctic Ice flow located in the far North has scientists around the world concerned, the ice cap is nearing new all time lows, the lowest amount of ice since records have been first kept.

In a rare show of sanity the US Supreme Court recently told the EPA to start regulating CO2 emissions. And the EPA has been dragging their feet, on that Ruling, for a year.

NOW, the EPA wants to know what the Public really thinks,

BUT they are mostly hearing from Industry Lobbyists, instead of concerned citizens:

(as per usual)

You can help, stop "business as usual"

ACTION NEEDED: [from Repower America]

     Friday is the last day to voice your opinion on whether the EPA -- the Environmental Protection Agency -- should regulate carbon dioxide pollution, the primary cause of the climate crisis. This is a big deal.

The EPA is taking public comment, before making a ruling.

Of course, special interests -- like the oil and coal lobbies -- are working overtime to defeat a positive ruling and have already gotten thousands of comments submitted in opposition.

Most people don't know about this opportunity for public comment, so your voice can make a real difference. And with a new president in the White House, it's likely that someone will actually be listening. Submit your public comment to the EPA here: CLICK HERE to Comment

In April 2007 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to regulate carbon dioxide if it is harming our health and welfare. After more than a year of delay, the EPA is finally now requesting public comments on whether carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping pollutants are endangering our health and our climate.

Join us, and send a message about how crucial it is to reduce harmful carbon dioxide pollution.

please make your voice heard ...

your grand kids will thank you.

the planet will thank you.

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