Is There An Election Coming??

If so, looks like the 'boogeyman' will be letting our Troops follow it to the homeland:

Intelligence Officials: Dozens of Europeans Have Trained in Terror Camps in Pakistan
Officials Fear This May be the Beginnings of a New Breed of al-Qaeda-Affiliated Terrorism

Dozens of white Europeans have trained in terrorist camps in Pakistan's tribal regions in recent months, U.S. intelligence sources tell ABC News, in what officials fear may be the beginnings of a new breed of al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorism.

Back to serious, I buy this report, We've Raised the Hatred Level Around The World. These clowns aren't getting 'Recruited' they're joining up and I doubt that they are of an unintelligent breed, like say with an 'R' after their names!

One wonders what 'Blackwater' may be doing under the sheets in the name of this country and ours, anywhere in the World!!

They don't need a rush or fox or o'really!

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There's a lot of animosity towards Iran. I've never understood why as Pakistan has long been the country to really keep an eye on. Its government has a well-established history of collapsing.

But no. The US had to go and attack Iraq and is now saber rattling at Iran.