Is there such a thing as objectivity in the world?

In the world that we live in today,is it really possible for anyone to have no favorable opinion about anything without the assumption that there is nothing wrong with the individual? Moreover, the essential question is can the world be objective, and if so, at what price?

In a nation as diverse as the United States of America, it is very hard for one to argue that they are pro-choice. In a nation where same-sex marriage is only legal in one country and soldiers are being shipped off by the bulks to fight in an undying battle, it is convincing that the common values of the American is declining faster, if not as fast, as the value of the American dollar.

There are many different trains of thought. According to some scholarly articles, the brain can not function on two or more perpendicular subjects without favoring other more outreachable factions. In popular culture, it is believed that whilst we are not able to consciously make a decision, we are sometimes able to declare distinction subconsciously.

Within the last few months, within the 2008 Presidential Campaigns, all major powers in this critical realignment have been quoted saying at some point in time that they are objective, either to the subject of foreign policy, or something less controversial, such as pension plans. When the next leader of this country can't even man (or woman) up to the fact that they are impartial to point A aside from the slightly less/more respective point B, then that might lead to considering who is the best leader. All seriousness, in most dialogues between people, it is hard not to figure out which path they are to follow. The same thing applies to monologues that consist as a result of intelligent thought.

So, in this busy world that we live in, is there room for objectivity? Can anyone in this country admit that they are pro-choice in any category in the nation's plethora of high profile subjects? Whenever the world can have an objective conversation, then maybe then can the world be able to pick a sound leader for the next Presidential Election.

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