There Was a Protest in Beijing Today

When the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2008 games to that country one of the issues raised was would China allow the press to freely report on the events during the games? And, would the Chinese government allow those who disagree with their policies to protest in Beijing?

In signing the games hosting agreement they agreed to the conditions set by the IOC. Except that neither of these things have come to pass.

Just outside of the Birds Nest stadium today a group people belonging to Students for a Free Tibet. The two people in the group unfurled a banner which had Free Tibet written on it while the other five handcuffed themselves to each other in solidarity with those who hung the banner.

The students weren't the only ones who would be roughed up by Chinese security. A reporter John Ray of Independent Television News who in his effort to cover this protest.

China's 'protest pens' unused amid arrests, permit denials

By Tim Johnson | McClatchy Newspapers
BEIJING — China late last month announced that individuals or groups wanting to demonstrate during the Olympics could go to "protest pens" in three public parks around Beijing.

What China didn't announce was the Catch-22: Protests are allowed but permits aren't available. Getting one would be as likely as beating gold medalist Michael Phelps in a swimming race or outrunning record-holder Tyson Gay in a short sprint.

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