Today's Republican Party is the #ActiveShooter of American politics

Today's Republican Party is the #ActiveShooter of American politics

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Now, more than ever before, today’s Republican Party represents the #ActiveShooter in American politics.

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They are attacking multiple critical areas of our life, undermining our national infrastructure, our science, education, economy, national security, energy, and personal safety.

They rail against healthcare, claiming there’s no justification for it in the Constitution. They miss out on — IOW, blatantly ignore — certain basic premises within that document, of course.

Healthcare isn;t simply another ~right~ - enumerated or not: it's a responsibility. In fact, it's a Constitutional imperative.
Healthcare is, at the very least, a right - not a privilege. The privilege is granted to the nation that recognizes this and provides for, ensures, and protects this right for all citizens.

Hell, Healthcare isn’t simply a right: it’s a responsibility. And the capacity to provide for the health of its citizens is the privilege we extend to our nation — or that any civilized nation is granted by its citizens.

  • Sanity, reality, common sense, logic — these are all enemies of the GOP.
  • Bullying, stochastic terrorism, propaganda — these are the tools of the GOP.

This needs to end. Badly. For them. How can we wake up a solid 33% of the population who appear deeply entrenched in a web of deceit, misinformation, and hate?

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Personal note: After posting that first image and a statement referring to the GOP as the “#ActiveShooter” of American politics over on Facebook, my account was suspended. Again. I suspect that, as before, I irritated some Republican trolls who decided to complain that they couldn’t harass me both online and off. The last time this happened, I was able to sufficiently demonstrate to Facebook that I really did exist, but it took a little help. If you have a Facebook account, please use it to report a problem and complain about my account suspension. If you’ve known me for more than a few years, even better: I’m older than both Zuck and his creation.

Thank you.

— GH


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