Truce Period

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The tradition of the “Truce” or “Ekecheiria” was established in ancient Greece in the 9th century BC by the signature of a treaty between three kings. During the Truce period, the athletes, artists and their families, as well as ordinary pilgrims, could travel in total safety to participate in or attend the Olympic Games and return afterwards to their respective countries. As the opening of the Games approached, the sacred truce was proclaimed and announced by citizens of Elis who travelled throughout Greece to pass on the message.

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perhaps the Ancients were a bit more civilized than modern man.

Fanning the Olympic Flame

However, ignorance was no defence in 2001 when Rogge and Beijing were voted in. On the eve of the ballot, Patrick Chappatte, a Swiss-Lebanese cartoonist, drew a chillingly graphic image that appeared in the International Herald Tribune. It depicted the Olympic rings as the wheels of a tank crushing Tibet. Members of the IOC digested that cartoon at breakfast time, to my certain knowledge. They possibly believed, some of them, that the way to open up China was to bring it into play through the Games.

Sports? Politics? Capitalism?

See Patrick Chapette's work @ Global Cartoons

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