Tuesday: Bullies

The good ol' days:
. . . several agents contended that military interrogators impersonated FBI agents, suggesting that the ruse was aimed in part at avoiding blame for any subsequent public allegations of abuse, according to memos between FBI officials. [Dan Eggan+Jeffrey Smith/WP:
FBI Agents Allege Abuse of Detainees at Guantanamo Bay
, 30 Dec 2004.]
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Paul Rincon/BBC: Black hole 'bully' blasts galaxy
"Black holes are famous for wreaking havoc on their environment. This particular black hole is disrupting its local region by dining on matter that wanders too close . . it is like a black hole bully, punching the nose of a passing galaxy."
[Image: BBC/Nasa]
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Scott Horton: Obligations Ignored (18 Dec '07):
Remember that young man with the alcohol and coke habit who totaled two cars in the course of a single year before being sent off to Alabama to dry out? He’s now in the White House. And he seems to have found a new drug: raw political power.
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Joe Hanel/DurangoHerald: State disallows some voting machines
DENVER - Secretary of State Mike Coffman decertified voting machines used across the state Monday, but most of Southwest Colorado's machines passed the test. . . Only Premier (Diebold) Election Systems passed all of Coffman's tests.
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Dave Dilegge/SWJ: Zinni's Considerations Revisited
General Zinni offers basic, common-sense guidelines here. Unfortunately, many of these guidelines are left behind at our military think-tanks and schoolhouses once the first round goes downrange. [On guidelines written by Zinni in February 2003.]

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why is this such a darn big secret? I read that the Bush Admin is appealing the Judges decision. Judge: White House Logs Are Public

I found this site this morning........enlightening..guess I must have forgotten where I live.
Let me tell you about a truly unhealthy relationship. The symptoms are well-documented: One partner skulks about suspiciously, distrustful, secretive, evasive, conversing with others out of earshot, making important decisions unilaterally, spying on the other partner, retaliating in anger when questioned or challenged.

This is what’s going on right now between American citizens and their government. It is not a relationship that Oprah or Dr. Phil can fix. But it must be fixed. Until both partners in this relationship are restored to equal footing, democracy suffers.

As in all dysfunctional relationships, communication is the problem. Over the last few years, the information flow between the government and the public has become increasingly torturous. When voters and taxpayers seek access to government information, they usually are in for an ordeal and disappointment. When federal officials share information voluntarily, it often has a whiff of politics accompanying it.

Remember the Energy secret conclave?

I was thinking that might be a side benefit of the disclosure.

Cheney can appeal, but this might be a tough one to win - even for the heartless one.