Tuesday News: Low Sparks

Amy Gahran on New Issues for News Orgs, directs readers to the article on the Future of Newspapers Blog by Jan Schaffer, Exec Director of J-Lab.

Worth the read, if only to answer the question: "are they really that blind?". (Yes).

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They aimed far lower than any other Congress has ever aimed, and they nailed their target. [Matt Taibbi/RollingStone: The Worst Congress Ever (17 Oct '06)]

The lede: Jonathan Kaplan/TheHill: Bush in no mood to talk to Dems about spending

So. The "Democratic Leadership" sent yet another letter to King George Jr. requesting a meeting to slide numbers around within an appropriations bill. The response was a cannon to the face. The reaction from these self-same leaders to having their heads blown from D.C. to the Left Coast was to tap their hankies lightly to the corners of their eyes, and take to the podia once again to (sadly, dejectedly, petulantly) inform the American people they gave it the old college try.

Isn't that special.

[Image: Dorothy & the Scarecrow @ BBC/Birmingham]

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