Two More TVA Spills

Hummingbird asks some very good questions ... any interest in getting an investigative team together to help track these spills? - promoted by roxy

Wow!  A Siegel on Daily Kos got this before I did, so I'll just post his link, but we have two more TVA spills in the southeast, one on the Ocoee River in East Tennessee, which has caused a major fish kill, and the other at the Widows Creek TVA plant in Alabama.

Why is all this happening at once?  Is the infrastructure of the pools just past it's shelf life?

New Video by Applachian Voices of their adventures on the Emory River:


Previous and (environmentally) related pieces listed below. -- GH

(the first is also on dKos, here)

TXSharon recently did a piece related to a rather interesting hose she discovered, running from a drilling sludge collection pond and terminating in a creek on conservation land in DFW:


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Spill is not apparently related to a coal fired plant, but is a sediment spill from some dam reconstruction. If you look at TVA's map of their power plants and dams: you can see that there's no fossil plant near any of the three hydro dams, ocoee river #1, #2, and #3. 


Of course, it's still muck, and this killed a bunch of fish and polluted a beautiful river, and they are still accountable! But it's not fly coal ash, thank god.

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After reading your last commentary, I was wondering if there's a way to get someone in Washington to conduct a nationwide survey, especially of those areas most at risk of contamination. It seems like the effort that's needed at this particular moment is to stop more spills from happening.