Under Oversight: IBM's Big Blues; Pyrotech Stunned

Jeff Horwitz/LegalTimes: IBM Bid Suspension Rattles Contractors
The EPA suspension on March 27 meant IBM contract bids government-wide had to be discarded, and it wasn't just IBM's headache. In the following days, McCullough took calls from clients hurriedly throwing together contingency plans on bids that involved IBM in case the $1.3-billion-a-year government vendor would be knocked out of the game for a while. [Via LawCom]
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Amy Leigh Woman/Macon.com: Government indicts Byron munitions company
Three FBI agents were injured on Oct. 14, 2004, during a kidnapping investigation when a defective "flash bang" grenade prematurely detonated while it was still in a SWAT team agent's tactical vest pocket, according to the indictment. [Via McClatchy]

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