Veterans Charity Fires Commander

And why, you might ask, actually the obvious:

Who Blew Whistle on Wasteful Spending

Henry CookHenry Cook

Whistle-blowers who criticized a veterans charity group's lavish spending have been kicked off the charity's board of directors in a move they say was made in retaliation for speaking out to ABC News.
"They were incensed that I would tell the world how their donated money was being wasted," said Henry Cook, national commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH).

Good Ole Boy Politics For The Boys Club of a number of these Charities?, and their Political Hacks, in Congress, who have allowed this to continue, Especially as the Drums Of Choice for the Occupations were beating louder and louder !!

Last year the Service Foundation paid the Washington Redskins $685,000, according to the foundation's tax forms. Cook said that money allowed the Service Foundation executives to sit in the owner's luxury box at the stadium. "They partied lavishly," he said, adding that the foundation takes advantage of the emotional impact of the Purple Heart medal to raise money.

"[The Service Foundation] gave a $255,000 retirement package to their executive director -- who they rehired at his old salary. They gave two museums $500,000 a piece this year. How does all of this serve the welfare of combat wounded?" he asked.

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These aren't Charities, they're piggybanks for the greedy and to support those who will allow them to continue these Scams!!

And at the same time we get this from CBS News:

Suicides Shut VA Psychiatric Ward

Who also have their own Investigative series, this one on the Suicides of Veterans and Returning Military Personal from the Wars/Occupations of Choice.

They have a number of backlinks, with videos, to follow this growing tragedy and their own investigation of!

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