Veterans Tsunami is coming...

There's a post over at KOS that if you haven't caught you should, if a Veteran of OIF and OEF and or a concerned advocate and activist.

It is posted by Peoples Lobby

The Country should be giving Total Funding to these programs, but it's always left to the Families of Veterans, Veterans of previous conflicts and the Dedicated Advocates/Activists to not only Volunteer but to gather the needed funds to accomplish the goals. And most of those advocates come directly from the Pro-Peace Activists ranks during and long after the conflicts are over!

Dedicated individuals in the nonprofit sector have the programs that our government should be carrying forward to help our troubled vets today and produce fewer wounded vets tomorrow. Building Veterans Villages helps vets erase post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and build their lives. Fielding 21 million Americans under the American World Service Corps will eliminate creating future PTSD wounded vets and build stronger lives for all who serve and are served. Visit Veterans Village and World Service Corp to learn more.

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To visit Nadia's 'Veterans Village' site more often. I was just up in Syracuse for about a week would have taken a trip over to WELLsville or at least made contact.

WELLSville Veterans Project:

A Place for Healing
Elaine Hardman

Wellsville, NY—Steve came from New Jersey, Toby’s from Indiana and Nick joined them from Detroit. Mike Blake was there
for a while but he’s with his family right now. They share a small, green house in Wellsville with photos of friends killed in Iraq and
nightmare-memories of a place where the flags on their arms were taken as targets. They live with injuries and problems but also
with a sense of compassion so large that it could fill any house, pour into any conversation.
Like you, they’ve seen the stickers – “support our troops” – but they are starting where the yellow ribbons end because they’ve
learned that the promises of support are surrounded by gaps and hurdles. They're involved in a project that will push those words
into action and it’s right here in Wellsville.
So how would a guy from Muncie, Indiana or a suburb of Detroit end up in Wellsville? It’s because Kristin Van Huysen had this
idea. Her homes in Wellsville were empty and needed work but they could house Iraq era veterans and lead the way for
similar projects throughout the country, places where Iraq-vets could heal. Read the full article here.

Find your Congressional representatives and tell them to support HR 508, a bill which, among other provisions, requires that
the US fully fund the health care needs for vets.

If you have things to donate to the project, or would like more information,
email or call 206-851-6448; WELLSville

When others are in need, it is human nature to respond with compassion.

Personal suffering can be alleviated by helping another overcome suffering.

Bring our Veterans All the Way Back - PTSD

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."