VIDEO: Cattle Drink Barnett Shale Drilling Waste

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conducted a study in December 2000 titled, Wildlife Mortality Risk in Oil Field Waste Pits. Findings from the study:


  • Even if animals are not killed in the pits, the oil and chemicals in the pits can harm them later.
  • Scavengers and predators can also suffer indirect effects by consuming oil-covered carcasses. (Could that apply to humans who eat meat contaminated with drilling waste?)

View a report on substances found in pits.

Between the mid-1980s and 2003, the New Mexico Environmental Bureau recorded nearly 7,000 cases of pits causing soil and water contamination. The New Mexico Oil Conservation Division released data in 2005 showing that close to 400 incidents of groundwater contamination had been documented from oil and gas pits.

chart showing pit chemicals (click to enlarge)

A more extensive list of chemicals detected in sludge pits can be found HERE along with possible health effects from exposure to those chemicals.

Tuna contaminated with mercury carries a health risk. Natural gas streams often contain mercury. Could cheeseburgers contain mercury from natural gas sludge pits?

New Mexico had 1400 cases of groundwater contamination, 400 came from sludge pits.

Sludge pits are a threat to our wildlife, livestock, soil and our drinking water.

The Oil & Gas Accountability Project has a Do it Right plan for best practice in drilling.

Do it Right in Texas too!

Closed-loop systems can protect our wildlife, livestock, air, soil, and drinking. Industry can save money using a closed-loop system instead of pits.

Here, drilling waste is sprayed on a field in Booger County where cattle are grazing. This cavalier attitude toward toxic waste must stop!

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pass on all that yummy toxic goodness to us when we eat a burger?

someone needs to study this OR maybe just quit leaving toxic drilling waste all over the place.


Fish pass on mercury when eaten so I don't see why it wouldn't be the same with beef.