Video-John Edwards on FTN: "It's Important We Get United as a Party"

Appearing on Face the Nation this morning, John Edwards stated, "It's important we get united as a party."

Edwards responded to Schieffer's question regarding Hillary's "hardworking white Americans" comments noting that likely she feels it was a poor choice of words. Edwards furthered discussed how "Hillary needs to decide as she makes her case for herself...she has to be very careful she does not damage our prospects for the fall." Edwards believes that it is not possible for Hillary to win the nomination at this point, based on the math.

Watch John Edwards on Face The Nation-May 11, 2008:

With Obama now taking the lead with the popular vote, pledged delegates and the superdelegates, the pressure intensifies for Hillary to drop out of the race. Obama is the likely nominee, as Edwards noted.

It's becoming increasingly apparent that the time for party unity is upon us. All of our Democratic Presidential candidates, should be thanked for raising the issues that are most important to Americans, including lifting those out of poverty, strengthening the middle class, thus creating a sustainable economy. Issues that John McCain will not fight for.

John Edwards is continuing his fight for social and economic justice. As he talked about today, he not only has received committments from both Cliinton and Obama to make ending poverty central to their prospective Presidency, he has had a number of discussions about this issue with both of them, since he suspended his campaign.

This week, Edwards is launching a new intiative, "Half in Ten" in conjunction with Center for American Progress, to cut poverty in half in ten years through various efforts, including: raising the minimum wage, expanding the EITC, increasing access to child care, among other efforts. "If we care about middle class families, working families in this county and having sustainable long term economic growth, that in American history, when we have been lifting millions of Americans out of poverty and putting them into the middle class and broadening that middle class and strengthening the middle class, is when we have been able to achieve sustainable growth," Edwards stated on FTN.

Half in Ten: From Poverty to Prosperity

The Center for American Progress Action Fund is committed to cutting poverty in half in 10 years. Under the leadership of Senator John Edwards, CAPAF has joined with ACORN, the Coalition on Human Needs, and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights to create the Half in Ten campaign.

Promote Decent Work. People should work and work should pay enough to ensure that workers and their families can avoid poverty, meet basic needs, and save for the future.

Provide Opportunity for All. Children should grow up in conditions that maximize their opportunities for success; adults should have opportunities throughout their lives to connect to work, get more education, live in a good neighborhood, and move up in the workforce.
Ensure Economic Security. Americans should not fall into poverty when they cannot work or work is unavailable, unstable, or pays so little that they cannot make ends meet.

Help People Build Wealth. All Americans should have the opportunity to build assets that allow them to weather periods of flux and volatility, and to have the resources that may be essential to advancement and upwardmobility.

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It's time we move back to focusing on these critical issues and taking on the real fight, beating McCain in the General Election. There's too much at stake.

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This new initiative is an important way to shape the agenda of the next President. Without a doubt the next President will face enormous problems bequeathed by Bush et al. And God only knows what kind of crises will be manufactured as "surprises" not least military actions again Iran.

That said I am impressed by the time frame of ten years. Yes, it is a long time ahead, but the conditions we now face of a widening gap between the super rich and the rest of us, uncontrolled globalization, a potential climate, environmental, and research crises, and the erosion of content behind the Jeffersonian vision embodied in the Declaration of Indepenance and the Constitution--Roosevelt's Four Freedoms--have been a long-time in the making--dating the beginning of the down-slide as you will.

After I listen to the video I will definitely sign up.


Ten years may seem like "a long time ahead" on one hand, yet the thought of lifting millions out of poverty within a decade is very inspiring.

This speaks to we are as Democrats afterall, fighting for everyone not just a few.

I am ready for all the mud-slinging and stoopid stuff to be over so we can talk about health care, ending the corporate welfare kickbacks, our private military (did not the government admit this week that they ended up renewing the contract with Haliburton because without the private contractors, we could not be in Iraq?).

Time to take on the war profiteers, corporate lobbyists who are damaging our democracy and ensure McCain does not win. McCain is making some headway in his race while our Dems duke it out. Not good.