Is Violence Poised to Explode in Iraq?

Contrary to Joe neocon Lieberman's statements and John McBush McSame McCain's claims of the surge succeeding... Violence in Iraq may be getting ready to explode AGAIN, and this will likely happen regardless of whether or not we follow last week's John McCain idea of "100 years in Iraq" or this week's John McCain flip-flopping to follow Obama's 16 month schedule for withdrawal which was recently endorsed by Maliki. A position that Maliki has been pretty consistent on even before he met with Obama. This is not to say that there will not be violence in Iraq when we pull out. The violence will be horrific. But delaying the day of withdrawal only continues the slow bleed of ethnic cleansing and infighting among power hungry Iraqis until further on up the road and until the shit really hits the fan.

Only a fool would be advocating that occupiers wait for parades with roses thrown at their feet in Iraq before they pull out. Never let it be said that Joe Lieberman and John McCain "ain't no fools!" Because they clearly are among the most foolish (and dishonest) politicians in this country. At the very least, these warmongers should have the basic decency to actually define "victory in Iraq" before they continue to advocate for or claim it.

"Declare Victory and Don't Go Home

The Bush administration and its stepchild John McCain have opted for a bold new strategy to counter the overwhelming success of Barack Obama's whirlwind foreign policy world tour: they've declared victory in Iraq.

This could preserve the neocons' aim of establishing a permanent military footprint in the geographic heart of the Middle East. Their only problem will come when the American public starts believing we've won and begins to expect the administration to draw down the troop presence in Iraq for real."

Via The Real News Network, this report is offered here for you to think really hard about and without further comment by myself:

"Three female suicide bombers and a roadside bomb struck Shiite pilgrims taking part in a massive religious procession in Baghdad on Monday. Police said at least 32 people were killed and 102 wounded. The attacks occurred in quick succession in the early morning in the mainly Shiite Karradah district, as tens of thousands of Shiite worshippers streamed toward the pilgrimage site in Kazimiyah, northern Baghdad. Meanwhile at a Kurdish rally in the northern city of Kirkuk, A bomb blast killed at least 15 people and wounded 170 others. The attack occurred while demonstrators gathered to protest a provincial elections law being debated in Parliament. The law would limit the Kurds ability to control oil-rich Kirkuk which they consider to be part of their historical land. Last week Kurdish parties walked out of the Iraqi parliament in protest over the proposed law. Though the law was passed 127 to 13 it was later vetoed by President Jalal Talibani, who is also a Kurd. Though many reports claim violence in Iraq to be at its lowest point in three years, the political situation is still very volatile."

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To be in the company of others who are feeling something is up.

The link goes back to a post this morning at Vet Voice, it and a few of the replys, there's not many there, seem to be leaving some abit uneasy.

I have been myself, and for the most part I don't have much to go on just a feeling, mines as to Afghanistan Pakistan border and leading back to Iraq later.

McCain Uses POW Status as Sword & Shield

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."

To say the least.