Voter Fraud - The Dog that Didn't Bark

Voter Fraud - The Dog that Didn't Bark

Michael Collins
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We're having our quadrennial encounter with the menace of voter fraud. We are to believe that gangs of undocumented aliens and the unemployed will vote illegally or, if registered, on multiple occasions. They'll do this to capitalize on the fraudulent registrations secured by paid operatives who can't make money in any other way. We're told that this alleged pattern is a menace to democracy.

This is not a new part of the political dialog. The charges have been around for decades. They've been revived with real vigor over the past eight years.

Given the danger proposed, here's some important evidence. The U.S. Department of Justice has voter fraud at the top of its agenda. With their clear emphasis on law enforcement prerogatives, the goal to shut down alleged voter fraud produced next to nothing:

(Chart from the Politics of Voter Fraud by Loraine C. Minnite, PhD)

Three years, 38 cases, 11 guilty pleas, and 13 convictions: that's it. It is the best outcome the Department of Justice could get. They've been at it 30 years so you'd think they would have learned a trick or too.

Yet, voter fraud has been a major focus of the department. Look at the attention it got and the time spent on it at Justice and the Election Assessment Commission. But here is the conclusion of an exhaustive review of voting evidence:

"-- though voter fraud does happen, it happens approximately 0.0009% of the time. The similarly closely-analyzed 2004 election in Ohio revealed a voter fraud rate of 0.00004%. National Weather Service data shows that Americans are struck and killed by lightning about as often." (Author's emphasis)
Brennan Center for Justice

In 2005, two major studies were commissioned by the Election Assistance Commission. One was on voter intimidation and the other on polling place fraud. The results were in line with the Brennan Center and others -- there is virtually no election fraud and voter suppression is a major problem. OMB Watch describes what happened:

• "the original report found little evidence of polling place fraud, while the final report said there is "a great deal of debate on the pervasiveness of fraud."
• 'the original report found "evidence of some continued outright intimidation and suppression" of voters, but the final report said voter suppression is also a topic of debate.
• 'the original report found "false registration forms have not resulted in polling place fraud", but the final version blamed nonprofit organizations, claiming "registration drives by nongovernmental organizations as a source of fraud."
OMB Watch, Apr. 12, 2007

Those in control are creating a virtual reality regardless of the facts.

The simple truth is that voter fraud is so rare that it has no relationship with our elections. Yet millions of dollars and countless hours are devoted to this legendary menace to democracy.

Those seeking to remedy the real problems in voting rights and the obvious examples of election fraud (wholesale efforts to manipulate entire elections) might feel like abandoning all hope when they enter the Supreme Court of the United States. One of the very worst decisions in recent history was handed down by the court in an ACLU law suit challenging Indiana's restrictive photographic identification law.

There is ample evidence that the purpose of the Indiana photo ID law, the prevention of the phantom crime of voter fraud, would curb turnout in that state. But the court persevered and hypothesized that they'd actually found some real evidence. What was the evidence that was so compelling that it resulted in sanctioning photo ID laws in all fifty states? See this extended note from "Polite Fascism Contracts the Right to Vote"

There is one obvious question from all of this:

How do you work in a system with people who deny the reality of what happens on Election Day? What does it say about an elections system that perseverates on the "voter" fraud fiction for decades in the repeated absence of any evidence to substantiate that fraud?

There are serious problems with elections in the United States: voter suppression; felon disenfranchisement; unsecured computerized voting on invisible ballots; vote counting conducted in secret; a billion dollars spent on campaigns; and few if any real issues discussed in a serious fashion. These and other manifest problems should be the focus, not a contrivance based on a fiction.


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It is all the fault of those Florida Felons.

They know how to outsmart the Department of Justice.
Kill an economist for Karl

Kill an economist for Karl

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GOP Voter Register Contractor

Surge in voter registration highlights electoral fraud

Tiffany Hofstetter is a student at California State University Northridge and a registered Democrat. But when she received her 2008 primary election absentee ballot while out of state, she was dismayed to find that she had been sent a Republican ballot.

"I didn't have time to get a new ballot, so my vote didn't count in the primary," Hofstetter said.

When she investigated with the county registrar's office, she found that her party affiliation had been switched.

"But when I looked at the registration form they had on file, it had all this wrong information," Hofstetter said. "My birth place was wrong, the last four digits of my Social Security number were wrong and the signature wasn't mine. Someone else had filed this registration form in my name."

The form had been filed by a voter registration organization called YPM, which stands for Young Political Major. Any time a voter reregisters with the county, whether because of an address change or a move to new party affiliation, the registrar's office is obligated by law to send out a notification to the registered voter. Hofstetter never received such notification and filed a complaint with the Secretary of State's office.

Meanwhile, YPM activities have been brought under scrutiny in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. San Bernardino County Democrats recently demanded an investigation by the local district attorney when they discovered in a poll that 27 of 33 formerly registered Democrats they contacted were "shocked" to find that their party affiliation had been switched to Republican, according to local news accounts.

Hector Barajas, spokesman for the California Republican Party, confirmed that YPM was hired to work for the GOP in California and had been issued thousands of voter registration forms. But he insisted that there are in place several verification procedures to ensure that any voter registrations filed are valid.

"All our volunteers wear T-shirts clearly indicating that they are Republicans," Barajas said. "And we send out post cards to new registrants, as well as follow up with a voice mail message to make sure they know they are registered with the Republican Party."

County Board of Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky expressed concern regarding Hofstetter's case.

"We take allegations of fraud in our voting system very seriously," Yaroslavsky said. "We've spoken to (county registrar) Dean Logan about this case and he is referring it to the District Attorney's Office."

Jane Robison, in District Attorney's Steve Cooley's office, confirmed that YPM is under investigation with the county Public Integrity Division.

Do We Need Change, You're Damn Right We Do, And The World Needs Us To Change, Now!!

"The wise man points to the stars and the fool sees only the finger - and discusses it 24/7 on cable."

This is about right. Los Angeles County went out of it's way to do nothing to fix the lost votes from 2006. But they did have a public relations shill on the Board of Supervisors, one Zev Yaroslavsky, mentioned above. Oh so concerned about lost votes in 2006, he has done nothing at all to remedy that problem. Although he and the other supervisors know the problems, the appointed an elections director for the county with a record of problems beginning in Seattle, at least, in 2004. For the most part, these are Democrats appointing elections directors who somehow make "mistakes" that favor the Republicans.

What a twisted world when a very simple process like voting gets so complicated and a function that should be open and fair, registrations and access to the polling place, becomes difficult to deal with. It's a key element of the much larger fraud that are U.S. elections, events that take place in a vacuum with out compelling and vital issues ever being raised. The failure of either candidate to even once mention 1,000,000 plus dead in Iraq says it all.

"Furthest from him is best, whom reason hath equaled, force hath made supreme above his equals." Milton