We don't have a President.

What is a trump

We don’t have a President. We have a fraud wielding the powers of the Presidency, but he’s no President.

He never was.

When he took the Oath of Office, he was already in violation of it and he had no intention of rectifying that. He had every intention of furthering his misuse & abuse of office, heightening and deepening the corruption and conflicts of interest, and undermining the rule of law, the checks and balances against abuse of power, and anything that could impede his own selfish gain.

He is not a President. He never was.

He never will be.

And those in his Administration, those he’s appointed, and those members of Congress who provide cover for him while his nascent ascent to power is still vulnerable to law? They’re complicit. They’re accomplices.

Those who had already taken an oath of office have violated it and abdicated their roles & responsibilities.

We aren’t simply in the midst of a criminally corrupt faction of extremist GOP politics; we’re not simply in a Constitutional Crisis of historic and infamous proportion.

Our nation is in the throes of an existential crisis.

To speak of this man, this Administration, this criminally complicit Congressional majority, making it through to summer is unimaginable. Intolerable.

The damage actively wrought by each and every passing day to our nation and to the world cannot be ignored or glossed over. You can’t keep referring to this toxic leech as if a first term will actually be completed in four years — don’t even refer to him or his cronies as “President.” He’s Trump; they’re trash. Use their last names only to address them.

And get them out of office before they break something so badly that there won’t be any coming from it, for any and all of us.


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