Wednesday: Flops

No link. This from the current (3:05 PT) front page @ Yahoo News:
Video: Democrats Squawk About War Costs - ABC News

Democrats "Squawk" about appropriations bills, but the President "discusses" or "debates"? Strike that, reverse it.

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gizmag: IBM closes in on petaflop barrier
". . . the Blue Gene/L . . . was significantly expanded this summer to deliver a sustained performance of 478 trillion calculations per second (478 “teraflops”)."

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Lara Jakes Jordan/AP: Bush promises to rebuild Justice Dept.
"Former attorneys general John Ashcroft and Richard Thornburgh were among those in the crowd, which also included GOP Senate Judiciary Committee members Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Sam Brownback of Kansas."

Rebuilding a failed structure means taking it down to the foundation. These guys are just slapping a coat of paint on the outside and calling it "new".

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