This Week With Barack Obama, May 18-24, 2008

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the obama family returns to des moines, iowa on may 20, 2008


obama's speech in des moines, iowa, may 20, 2008


Superdelegates: William Quay Hays and Lou Paulson for Obama; Dwight Pelz to Back Obama; Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) Endorses Obama; Warren Buffett Backs Obama; Kansas Democratic Party Chair Larry Gates for Obama; Obama picks up Wyoming Superdelegate; Michigan Democratic superdelegate Eric Coleman Endorses Obama; Iowa Democratic Chairman Brennan Endorses Obama; Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo (D-Guam) Endorses Barack Obama; Congressman Joe Courtney (D-CT) Endorses Obama; United Mine Workers Endorse Obama; Mississippi Democratic Party chairman Wayne Dowdy for Obama; Congressman Dennis Cardoza (D-CA) Moves from Clinton to Obama; Congressman Jim Costa (D-CA) Picks Obama; Add On Delegates for Obama; Oregon Superdelegate Jenny Greenleaf: I'm for Obama; Add On Superdelegates

The War Over Michelle Obama

Obama says Clinton "stirring up" Florida controversy

Democrat Barack Obama accused rival Hillary Clinton on Saturday of "stirring up" a controversy over the disqualified Florida primary election because it was her last hope of winning their party's presidential nomination.

Obama, an Illinois senator, is leading Clinton, a New York senator, in delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination to face Republican John McCain in the November election. The delegates are awarded in state nominating contests that kicked off in January.

Florida's and Michigan's delegates were stripped of their rights to be seated at the party's August convention -- when the nominee is formally chosen -- because their contests were held too early in the year, in breach of party rules.

Clinton, who won both contests, has long argued the delegates should be seated and awarded based on the popular vote. She made a trip to Florida this week to press her case.

"The Clinton campaign has been stirring this up for fairly transparent reasons," Obama told reporters on the plane from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Chicago, adding she had not done so earlier in the race when she did not need the delegates to win. continue

Renewing U.S. Leadership in the Americas, Miami, FL

Operation 'Renegade'
Obama warns seniors on Social Security
Clinton to Obama: Not so fast
Rival Camps Plan Inevitable Merger
McCain to Rely on Party Money Against Obama
Obama Links McCain to Bush on Cuba

barack addressing the b'nai torah congregation in boca raton, fl


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A Memo to Senator Obama
Hillary Clinton's missing apology to Barack Obama
Obama has brushed up on Latin America
Obama Qualifies Stance On Iran Diplomacy
Hillary Clinton's candidacy has done feminism no favours
No time like present for Dems to act democratic

barack obama give commencement address at wesleyan university in middleton, ct

Barack Obama wants Bill to heal Hillary Clinton wounds

Barack Obama, the probable Democratic presidential nominee, wants Bill Clinton to help him heal the deep party rifts created by his wife Hillary’s divisive campaign – culminating in her dramatic claim this weekend that the 1968 assassination of Robert F Kennedy was a reason not to be pushed out of the race.

The tension between Hillary Clinton and Obama intensified after she told the Sioux Falls Argus Leader in South Dakota, which holds the last primary contest in 10 days’ time: “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June.”

She quickly apologised, ashen-faced, for a comment which appeared dangerously close to wishful thinking about Obama, but the damage was done. continue

obama's commencement address at wesleyan university


Carter Sees Superdelegates Prompting Clinton to Quit
Obama says fuel prices will change car habits
A Wall Of Worry For the GOP
Clinton Keeps Up Fight As Staff Tensions Rise
Obama Takes In More Than $31 Million in April
The Highest Road
Obama Takes Delegate Majority
Chuck Hagel Takes On McCain, Repeatedly Praises Obama

obama in tampa


Obama's running mate hunt. Jarrett already looking into transition to White House.
The Virginia Three
In multiracial Hawaii, Obama faced discrimination
Obama, targeting McCain, shifts to full US election mode
Obama: 'Be Nice to Clinton Supporters.'
'Scots-Irish hillbilly' can make Barack Obama's White House dream come true

barack and daughter, sasha, in oregon


Max and Obama Video; Obama Portland, Oregon Rally; The Real McCain 2 Video; Barack at the B'nai Torah Synagogue; Barack addressing Crow Nation in Montana; Barack, "We Should Engage Our Enemies"; Obama in Billings, MT; Michelle Thanking Kentucky; Groundwork for the General Election; Gender Factor on Today Show; Barack in Bozeman, MT; Michelle phone banks in Kentucky; NPR: Are Women Torn Between Obama and Clinton?; NPR:Obama Lays Out Foreign Policy Plan on Cuba; NPR: Obama Seeks Jewish Support in Florida Trip; NPR: Kennedy's Illness Casts Pall over Congress; Obama Breaking the Glass Ceiling; NPR: Obama Points to Pledged Delegates; Town Hall in Bayamon, Puerto Rico

barack's interview on blogher

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FoxNews Jokes About Obama Being Assassinated by Lauren S

barack with jorge mas santos on cuban independence day in miami, fl

On the Road: Clinton’s Very Bad Day
Big money on Barack Obama as Hillary Clinton's donors defect
Obama to Release Doctor's Statement
Linda Douglass Joins The Obama Campaign
Officials say Obama starts search for running mate
RNC Hiring Rove Protege To Dig Oppo Research On Obama

barack to gop, "lay off my wife"


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barack in old san juan, puerto rico

Patti Solis-Doyle to Work for Obama?
McCain is slow to gain young voters
Hello There, Ladies
Strong and Right
Sen. Obama’s backers see dream ticket as nightmare
Obama 'within reach' of victory
Obama's strategy now faces a bigger test

the story of obama, written by obama

Obama adopted into the Crow Nation by ChristieKeith
AP: McCain Had Cancer Surgery THIS YEAR, Didn't Tell Anyone by existenz
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keith olbermann's special comment, may 23, 2008


Gallup Daily: Obama Opens Up 16-Point Lead, Biggest Yet; Key Clinton Constituencies Moving Toward Obama; New Reuters poll O-59%,C-33%....O-47%, M-37%; RCP Average: Obama +12.8%; Rass Colorado Obama 48% McCain 42%; Shocking SUSA Obama 49% McCain 42% IN VIRGINIA!!!; Obama holds big edge over Clinton in Montana

Sen. Clinton's Last Hope Rests With Rules Committee
It's the networks, Stupid
Obama says will have to pick vice president "quickly' once votes are over.
Independents are pivotal to both McCain, Obama
A First Lady of a different kind
Women across state rallying behind Obama


Obama, McCain camp trade barbs over issue of lobbyists

As John McCain hammers Barack Obama daily on his willingness to talk to leaders of objectionable regimes, Obama is hitting back on McCain and lobbyists in the upper reaches of his campaign.

"We need a president who sees the government not as a tool to enrich friends and high-priced lobbyists, but as the defender of fairness and opportunity for every American," Obama said at a rally yesterday in Tampa.

He said that McCain proposed a bill a decade ago to ban a candidate from paying registered lobbyists, but now has "hired some of the biggest lobbyists in Washington to run his campaign."

"And when he was called on it, his top lobbyists actually had the nerve to say, 'The American people won't care about this.' Well, I think the American people do care about it and I know they have a clear choice in this election," Obama continued. continue

barack in billings, montana

icebergslim’s last word: assassination

What else can be said about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s total snafu? And if you live under a rock, start with the visual below.

Her whole breakdown can be read and viewed here. Yes, I called it a breakdown. We might as well give her an “out” as in getting out of this race.

Of course, the blogosphere weighed in. Jack and Jill was snappin’ off. Per BarbinMD, she has a list of bloggers who threw in the towel for Hillary. Delaware Dem just said, “Get Out." teresahill made me visualize ”sharpshooters on the roof.” clammyc said, "It's over, folks". A kind reminder by teacherken. And it was foxsucks81 who ran away with the headline and yours truly had input.

Of course, the mainstream media had its say. davidkc was nice to give us a full roundup and Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment after viewing, I thought he was about to explode through my teevee set. for real. Finally, the Sunday "Punditry" over at Meet the Press weighed in.

I don’t know about you, but the word assassination does not sit well with me. Especially presidential or inspiring/famous folk assassinations. For the simple fact that many of us remember it, or remember our parents crying about it, or remember our school teachers/nuns weeping about it, or just have viewed video of it. So, assassination is not far from anyone’s memories, including some of our greatest inspiring, influential leaders being permanently silenced by a bullet. The word is terrifying.

I believe in two aspects of the American public. I believe that they are genuinely sincere and trustworthy and that there are genuine mental nutcases running around here. Hillary opened the door for the latter, not the former.

Many are worried and have been from the conception of an Obama Presidential run. It is warranted. But I am a firm believer in the United States Secret Service and that they will more than do their job. Folks, believe me, they are on it.

Lastly, it takes a presidential nominee in a presidential stance to not pile on, be gracious and thought provoking towards Clinton, especially when Hillary Rodham Clinton has not publicly apologized to the Obama Family and have made these statements previously.

“I have learned that when you are campaigning for as many months as Senator Clinton and I have been campaigning, sometimes you get careless in terms of the statements that you make and I think that is what happened here,” Mr. Obama said. “Senator Clinton says that she did not intend any offense by it and I will take her at her word on that.”

That person is our Presumptive Democratic Nominee, Barack Obama.

We are lucky to have him.

see this photo, above? barack loves his family, they are his strength, his heart, his rock. no matter what happens, he has this love as we are privileged to witness above. always remember, this campaign is about all of us. we all have to do our part to ensure that the obama's are the next first family of this land. keep the faith and remember to focus on obama and not the drama....


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