This Week With Barack Obama, May 25-31, 2008

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obama in las vegas, nv addressing the housing crisis

Campaign Appearances

June 3, 2008 - Rally with Barack and Michelle Obama, St. Paul, MN

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Biden's strength in foreign policy recruited by Obama
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In An Iraq-Related Hole, McCain Keeps On Digging
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Obama poised for nomination despite Clinton victory in Puerto Rico

obama at mapleton expeditionary school of the arts in thornton, co


Obama Used Party Rules to Foil Clinton
Barack Obama is Master of the New Facebook Politics
After Kennedy comment, many seem over the Hill
Obama's Lobbyist Connections
Native American vote crucial to Obama, Clinton
DNC Is Not Duplicating the Fundraising Success of Party's Candidates

obama with former governor roy romer in thornton, co

Photo Blogs

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obama in great falls, montana


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is it true about obama?

Obama and Trinity United Church of Christ.

I know it was difficult for Barack, Michelle, Melia and Sasha Obama to leave a church that has been a cornerstone of their life. It was. But leave the church, eventually, they had to.

What happened in this campaign is that white America is not/was not knowledgeable of Black Churches in the United States of America. Many of these churches are very progressive, speak to social issues, and address the uplifting of many Black Americans in this country. The continuous loop of Wright’s statements and of Fox News using Father Pfleger’s video of his statements about Hillary Clinton, did not nurture the Obamas to remain with Trinity United Church of Christ. I believe it just hastened their path to the door.

Make no mistake; this church has done incredible outreach in the Black Community for jobs, Aids, spiritual development, etc. This is known. But we are in the realm of politics and Barack Obama is a bi-racial man who is trying to be defined by some as a Black Radical Nutcase by the far right, when this is not so.

In the end, the Obama Family had no choice but to leave Trinity United Church of Christ.

Always remember that Barack Obama is running to be President of the United States of America, to represent all of us, not some of us. That is the beauty of who he truly is, because it will be us who put him there.

obama in aberdeen, sd @ press conference about tucc resignation and the dnc rbl decision


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Obama's Coattails May Drive Record Black Turnout in House Races
Former Bush donors now giving to Obama's campaign
Bill Clinton's enemies list
Hillary Clinton to be offered dignified exit
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obama at mt. rushmore in south dakota


Nevada superdelegate Yvonne Gates Backs Obama; Wyoming Democratic Party Vice Chair Nancy Drummond Endorses Obama; Edward Lewis, Chairman of Essence and Latina magazines Endorses Obama; Colorado Democratic Party Chair and superdelegate Pat Waak Backs Obama; Meredith Wood Smith, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Oregon Endorses Obama; Sen. Ben Pangelinan pledges support to Obama; Wayne Kinney, DNC Backs Obama; Gail Rasmussen, DNC For Obama; Congressman Alan B. Mollohan (D-WV) Endorses Obama; Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie and his wife and DNC member Betty Richie Backs Obama; Benicio del Toro Backs Obama; Gwethalyn Phillips of ME, an add-on for Obama

Racism, Security Threats Issues for Obama
Political map could be redrawn on election day
Barack Obama dominates in poll of college students
Obama competitive against McCain with key voters
New swing states pop up in '08
Obama’s Self-Assurance Over Nomination

obama in north las vegas, nv talking housing crisis

icebergslim’s last word: what happened

What Happened is the new book by Scott McClellan, former press secretary of the Bush Administration.

Well, I have read a lot of these Bush Administration books and critiques of the Iraq War like, State of Denial, Fiasco, The Shock Doctrine, etc. For me, Scott McClellan was believable and striking in his assessment of the failed Bush Administration.


Scott McClellan worked under the then, Governor George W. Bush, in Texas. He was one of the few brought to Washington, DC by now, President George W. Bush and was considered an insider. His criticism of the failed Bush Administration substantiates all the other books written by authors critiquing and criticizing this current administration.

Another caveat, we have as yet to see any current or former member of the Bush Administration to state the facts of McClellan’s book is an outright lie. And don’t expect it to be so, because this book is true. Is it a “johnny-come-lately” moment? Yes, absolutely, but I view it like this, put it out there NOW while we are gearing up for the general election mode to use this as fodder against the Republicans than after November, when we already know this administration is on the bullshit tip.

What else happened? The fiasco and joke of Michigan and Florida who jumped the shark of the primaries was finally settled by the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting. It was the longest meeting I have ever had the pleasure of watching. It was one firecracker after another, along with rude and obnoxious Clinton Supporters, who may I add, do not represent the majority. This was a real popcorn delight and clocking in at around 8 hours of talking and more than two hours of off camera bartering. In the end, Florida and Michigan will be seated at ½ strength, period. And personally, they are lucky to have that. Although I am more sympathetic to Florida’s plight with a Republican run state legislation, than Michigan who moved their primary up due to that Governor’s sheer political alliance with the Clintons.

What else happened? The new number to cinch is 2118. Expect Barack to close this out on Tuesday.

Overall, this primary season is a wrap. After Tuesday, Barack Obama will be the Democratic Nominee, no more maybe, is he, coulda, woulda, shoulda, but it will be the fact.

obama at pancake breakfast for veterans and families in sioux falls, sd


Video: Obama, Begich at Alaska Democratic Convention; Smokey says, "Yes We Can!"; NPR: Media Savage Clinton over RFK Remark; NPR: Democrats Resolve the Delegate Count; Obama in Puerto Rico; Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM) introduces Obama on Memorial Day; Obama addressing veterans in NM; DCCC's Van Hollen Assesses the Obama Effect; Obama Campaign in Transition; Obama's Speech in Thornton, Colorado; Obama Spanish Language Music Video; Obama in Rapid City, SD; Obama in Aberdeen, SD; Obama in Great Falls, MT; Obama addressing Veterans in Sioux Falls, SD

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well, it has been one of those weeks!! finally got the michigan/florida snafu put in perspective, as we watched our fellow democrats at times acting very undemocratic. sigh. anyway it is full steam ahead. we have a lot of work to do to bring us together as one. remember, as the rules and bylaws meeting, remember to follow the obama campaign lead. after yesterday, many were very happy we did. oh, h/t for the above slide show (for inspiration) to THE photo blogger around, al rodgers. folks, as always remember to keep your heads up and focus on obama and not the drama....


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