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Jesse Jackson, Time to Let Go? Yes.

Well, when the good reverend let his "loose lips, sink his ship", my phone started to ring off the hook.

See, here in Chicago we are used to Jackson's rhetoric. Whether you agree or not, you are used to it but this time it was different.

After watching and listening to Jackson's statements on the O'Reilley Factor, my conclusion was that this would not hurt Obama, but it would diminish Jackson in many eyes, especially in the African-American community.

Jackson's statements sent (eyerolls) all over the place. His statement that Barack is talking down to Black people is not only ridiculous but straight up crazy. And wanting to take Obama's manhood from him? What was THAT about? Barack Obama has been consistant in speaking about personal responsibility and men in the Black Community being committed fathers is nothing new here, in fact many agree with his position. So, there is a sure disconnect in what Jackson is angered about and what the public's agreement with Obama's is on this issue.

Sure, Jackson apologized and his son, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. gave him a tongue lashing, via press release, but it still does not answer why he even said this stuff.

My take, Jackson, Sr. is from a different era. Many try to lump black folk in one bin, but we are not a monolithic group, as you heard from Jackson's lips himself. Though Jackson has done much for the civil rights, voters rights, women's rights in this country and is still doing so, his luster on his star has dimmed much.

Living in Chicago, many of us know that Jackson does not do anything without it benefiting Jesse Jackson, Sr. or family. Whether is it protesting Anhauser-Busch for all the liquor stores in African-American neighborhoods and then putting those picket signs away when the Beer Company gives your family a distribution deal. Or being vocal about parenting and father's being father's, but you had hidden your own indiscretion and fathered a baby on your wife.

So, to lump Barack Obama or even me, in the Jesse Jackson mode is well, ridiculous. Those examples above have moved many PAST Jesse Jackson. Again, we respect the good reverend and understand it is hard to move past the national stage when you have always been a player or had a hand in it, but your time is UP.

Thank you for paving a way and giving many generations hope, but it really time for you to take a seat and let the new generation, march on. Thank you.

michelle in michigan

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McCain Battles a Nemesis, the Teleprompter

Senator John McCain was performing relatively smoothly as he unveiled his energy plan.

He managed to limit the mechanical hand chops and weirdly timed smiles that can often punctuate his speeches. He delivered his lines with an ease that suggested a momentary peace with his longtime nemesis, the teleprompter. (He relied on a belt-and-suspenders approach, with text scrolling down screens to his left and right, and on a big TV set in front of him.)

But when Mr. McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, came to the intended sound bite of his speech — the part about reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil — he hit a slick.

“I have set before the American people an energy plan, the Lex-eegton Project,” Mr. McCain said, drawing a quick breath and correcting himself. “The Lex-ing-ton Proj-ect,” he said slowly. “The Lexington Project,” he repeated. “Remember that name.”

In a town meeting in Cincinnati the next day, Mr. McCain would again slip up on the name of the Massachusetts town, where, he noted, “Americans asserted their independence once before.” He called it “the Lexiggdon Project” and twice tried to fix his error before flipping the name (“Project Lexington”) in subsequent references. NYT continue

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icebergslim's last word: birth control, viagra, and gaffes

This campaign season is mired under a microscope. Any little thing said on either side is diced, sliced, and put on a platter for the public to consume.

I state this because I see both campaigns running to the "safety net", really not being bold or challenging but just safe.

I guess that is fine. Both, Obama and McCain want to be elected, but it makes one wonder where is the fire, when we see a bunch of smoke.

This past week offered some funny "you know whats" on various levels. First, as I already commented on the Jesse Jackson remarks, which at the end of the day was some crazy crap. Now we move to McCain and his viagra moment.

There is something to say about surrogates. They have become the love/hate messenger of this campaign season. They either stay on topic or just snap and let it all hang out. We have witnessed it over and over again. And we have seen the denouncement like a broken record, with the usual surrogate getting kicked out of the limo as the candidate drives off.

Well, that is what happened to McCain on various levels this week. First, Carly Fiorina (and I will disclose I don't like her. never did like her. and knowing her history at hp, many will agree) and her stance or her stating McCain's stance on birth control.

This is a touchy subject on many levels. Why? It has displayed McCain voting against insurance companies covering birth control, while many companies cover, (cough, cough) viagra.

Now, this is truly a HELL TO THE NAW moment for women. And Fiorina supplies ample juice by stating: "There are many health insurance plans that will cover Viagra but won't cover birth control medication. Those women would like a choice."

Correct Fiorina, it is a woman's choice. Again, why any woman would vote for John McCain need to look this man's record up, which is horrific on women's issues.

Then we have the snide, snub, rollin' in the dough former senator from Texas, Phil Gramm. Whose notorious statement referring to the citizens of the United States of America as "whiners" have moved the McCain Campaign to slam the brakes and kick Gramm to the curb, as the candidate and limo proceed off to the continuous campaign clouds.

Gramm's statement which can be viewed here, truly the most outrageous gaffe I have heard in a very long time. Sure, McCain did not make the statements, but this is a man who is his trusted advisor for over 20 years. Which makes my assessment of "birds of a feather, flock together" very true about John McCain. Remember, McCain has been running around here, also, telling us that the recession and parts of it is psychological.

To insult the American Public that all this recession is a figment of our imaginations or psychological is truly over the top.

I wish Gramm, McCain and crew can go to South Bend, Indiana, Gary, Indiana, parts of Pennsylvania, parts of the West and Southside of Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. There are areas in this country hit hard and where communities are not only devastated but have been destroyed. Where folks are biting on their fingernails in Michigan for the job they have or wonder if they will keep.

No, this is the most elitist statement ever mentioned in this campaign.

Obama Campaign, this should be shoved down Americans throats until the words BUSH=MCCAIN=ENOUGH is recited off of every American's lips.

And some people have the audacity to want to vote for John McCain? What are you smoking? Because whatever it is, you need to stop now and wake the hell up.

Slide Show, Drum Roll, Please....

well, i am not going to lie. i am prejudice, because i am a woman and i don't like how the press is trying to slime michelle obama. yes, some of it is racist, but much of it is sextist. this is a woman who did not have a silver spoon in her mouth, a woman who made her accomplishments through hard work. isn't this supposed to be respected as the american way? she is a woman, a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister and the democratic nominee's wife. all democratic women should be outraged and if you have not gotten your rage up yet, view this, then get pissed. i am.

oh, look below. our hope dog. well, i guess i can call him something else, but he is a dog, standing on hope!! hope is nothing to belittle. you will be surprised and amazed how hope has gotten many of us to the point of where we are in this life. remember that. as always, remember to focus on obama and not the drama...

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