What about the sensitivity to the Kennedy Family? Hillary?


That image above is hard to look at, sad to remember, and hard for many to swallow. That is assassination.

I don't know what Hillary Clinton was thinking of to invoke the painful memory of Robert F. Kennedy into this, but after this she is definitely not worthy of any Vice Presidential slot.

Did she think about the Kennedy family? Does she realize what the family is going through right now with Senator Ted Kennedy? Does she have any feelings? And just to think she holds Robert F. Kennedy's senate seat. (shake your head here) Also, remember that Huckabee just joked about Obama being assassinated. There is nothing funny about any of this, quite the contrary, very sad.

I hope she does have some feelings, but this statement is beyond the pale.

Even though she clarified her statements, she still insinuated that she is staying in because something "bad" could happen to Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton has dug her grave with the African-American Community and with many in the Democratic Party. She has tarnished her image, her husband's legacy.

We are done with her. It is time for her to leave, once and for all.

To the Kennedy Family, our prayers and thoughts are with you, always.

Update [2008-5-23 18:5:17 by icebergslim]:
Keith Olbermann is providing a special comment tonight on MSNBC.

Read it all, here.

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[UPDATE]: Keith Olbermann's Special Comment, MSNBC

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tells you to "think" before you "open your mouth" and speak!

Hillary's rhetoric about "hard working white Americans" and now this,... "I gotta stick around in case someone offs Obama." Yes I am paraphrasing and exaggerating what she said but I believe she is playing in very dangerous territory.

9/11 was not the first instance of home-grown domestic terrorism on US territory as we all know.

I think that Hillary's remarks make have been the bridge too far.