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Well, it's getting on mid-afternoon, I feel like I've been run over by a Mack Truck and it's snowing to add insult to injury.

Aside from all that, it's turning out to be a perfect day, just like General Custer had while waiting for the Cavalry.

You see what leads me to this, is something that's going on in San Antonio Texas. No it's not another battle at the Alamo, but then again, depending on your personal perspective, one might say there is.

This past Saturday on the website of the NBC affilitate, WOAI-TV, started to run and unless something changes will run for three weeks, a three part "commentary blog" about gays in the military and DADT.

Now that may and in of itself sound harmless and a way to stir up good debate and discussion.

However what has been posted in Part 1 and the onslaught of gay bashing comments, are the likes of which I haven't seen except on some of the most vile and hate filled blogs put up by not just the likes of skinheads, but right-wing evangelical churches and religious zealots.

Mind you, this anti-gay diatribe is being done on a "soapbox" provided by WOAI-TV.

So on Sunday I broke the news about this in the "LGBT blogoshere" and sent out a few emails to LGBT websites and bloggers in hopes they, like the Calvary which Custer waited for, would help in this battle of gay bashing, and not only that, insulting proud Americans who have and are serving this Country under the constraints of DADT.

If that was all this "series" was going to be about, an intellectual discussion, hey, no problem. If what is on the website was on a person's blog, again, no problem. But when as it appears to me to be allowed and sanctioned by a TV Network affiliate, then, it becomes a problem.

Back to the calvary issue. One of my blogger friends warned me, not to hold to much hope that everybody is going to join the battle as they would rather have poof, fluff and I-Candy on their websites and blogs.

And, so far he's correct.

Those who have joined the battle and have written at least one article are NGBlog, Pam's House Blend, Michael In Norfolk and a dear blogger friend downunder in Aussieland, Red Pill Survival.

To be honest, I think what has surprised me the most, are the blogs and websites who always make it sound that they are Up and Out in the frontlines of battle for LGBT Rights and yell, scream and kick when the Community is assaulted eiither in print, speech or physically.

I don't know. I keep looking behind me .... and I don't see them.

But, even left to my own, I will carry on the fight until the "blog commentary" is taken down or all three pieces have run.

You see, when I created LGBT Rainbow Links over two years ago, I decided it would be more than just a link site. It would be a tool and a way to offer LGBT news and when needed take up the cause when I see a wrong being done, either through my own writing or another scource which would carry articles of such wrongs.

Well, like Custer, you do the best you can even when the odds are against you and you wait for the cavalry.

In the meantime ... you just keep on fighting.


UPDATE 2/20/09

On Thursday WOAI-TV changed the format of the "blogger commentary" and is now asking for a "discussion" of Part 1 of the series on Gays in the Military/DADT, and finally for the most part cooler heads are prevailing in the comments, several of which are or former military people.

One commentor called a spade a spade in what I have tried to get across and why I have been so persistent in covering this gay bashing "blog commentary" ...

"This article is not only disrespectful, it is outright disgusting. It goes against everything we as Americans stand for. I bet the parents, family members, and friends of gay military members killed in combat would disagree 100% Liberty and justice ALL!" - Iaam 1199

One would hope WOAI-TV by reading the many comments over the past several days which have found fault with this piece and also see the HATE that has been spewed, does not publish Parts 2 & 3.

But I'm sure WOAI-TV will run the parts for reasons I can't begin to understand just as I couldn't understand them running Part 1 in the first place.

Is getting traffic to your website that important to you and your advertisers ?

I'll tell you one thing, if I lived in San Antonio, I'd think twice about using or buying from the advertisers that have remained on the website during this whole fiasco.

As I wrote to a couple of my blogger friends over the past couple of days, if someone had pulled a stunt like this at CBS (my former employer) the heads of those responsible would have been rolling like bowling balls.

As Linda Ellerbee, a good oleTexas gal use to say ..... "and so it goes."

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on occasion, try to deal with much the same kind of bigotry rearing its ugly head in the comment sections of the Danbury NewsTimes. I don't know if you have checked them ever? The Gay bashing is not so much a problem there, though it does show up at times, but one mention of the word immigration in an article there and the worst of the worst that Connecticut has to offer swarms their sections with pure hate. At times they even start if anyone one with a foreign sounding name is mentioned in any kind of article. Scary stuff that people can be like that.

Oh, yes I have.

I always thought people in my hometown were better than that, but like everywhere else, they're not.

You know the ones who I really feel sorry for in this mess in San Antonio, whether gay or straight, those like yourself, who have served our Country with Honor and ask for very little in return.

It's those good folks, whether they approve of DADT or not, who if they read not only the "blog commentary", but the sickening comments that are showing up, it has to be a hurtful thing to see.

As I'm typing this I went back to the WOAI-TV website and there are over two hundred comments, there would be more had about 40 not been taken out the other day.

I hope WOAI-TV is very proud of itself for allowing this to happen.

I've said it to you before and will again .... Thank you for serving your Country.

Lyndon Evans


I don't care what any soldier does off duty... As long as they can shoot straight and hump a rucksack on a roadmarch while they were on duty. It is long past time to do away with "don't ask, don't tell." Good soldiers, men and women that want to serve, get booted because of nothing less than bigotry.