What's This About Reagan Being a Great American President

I am still watching Blitz most nights. I have compromised with my stomach by remoting Dobbs. First thing to note is how the media is still fanning the flames of race by constantly rehashing the Clinton/Obama rhetoric on the subject. I have let it drift by while preparing the evening meal, but I was truly stunned when Obama weighed in on how Bill Clinton, when he was president, didn't match up to Reagan's accomplishments. What did we have here?

Obama appeared to be giving Reagan credit for changing the trajectory of America by setting the U.S. on a different path and gave Reagan credit for attacking a government was overgrown and unaccountable. Obama then compared Nixon to Reagan, saying that a transformation of this magnitude was something that neither Richard Nixon nor Bill Clinton acoomplished.

What he said, as reported on CBS news--and which I heard on CNN--was: I think people, he just tapped into what people were already feeling, which was we want clarity we want optimism, we want a return to that sense of dynamism and entrepreneurship that had been missing.

Well I am not a Clinton fan, but give me either of the Clintons as president any day, over any Republican since Eisenhower, definitely including Reagan--who I'm not sure was all there, but if he was sure has a lot to account for.

Anyway I was pleased to come on Edwards comments on this remark by Obama, reported in the link above and excerpted here:

“When you think about what Ronald Reagan did to the American people, to the middle class to the working people,” said Edwards.

He was openly – openly – intolerant of unions and the right to organize. He openly fought against the union and the organized labor movement in this country. He openly did extraordinary damage to the middle class and working people, created a tax structure that favored the very wealthiest Americans and caused the middle class and working people to struggle every single day. The destruction of the environment, you know, eliminating regulation of companies that were polluting and doing extraordinary damage to the environment.”

I can promise you this: this president will never use Ronald Reagan as an example for change.

Bush I was Reagan's VP and I believe had major responsibilities in his administration. IMO Reagan was the grandaddy of the horror show now running our country. I find it too bad that Obama went for the cheap shot on this one.

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will not win any support from this cowgirl. Reminds me of the joke that was popular during Reagan's administration ...

At a doctors convention in Switzerland, doctors from different countries were chatting in a tavern after the lectures for the day had concluded. An Israeli doctor says, "Medicine in Israel is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one person and pit it in another person and have him looking for work in four weeks. A German physician says, "That's nothing! In Germany we can take a lung out of one person and put it in another person and have him looking for work in two weeks. Not to be outdone, an American doctor says, "That's nothing! We can take an asshole out of Hollywood, put him in the White House and have half the country looking for work the next day!"

Is this joke funny? Not really, but it does reflect the political climate and a popular reaction to Reaganomics.

Nope, channeling Reagan isn't probably the best thing to do given our economic climate.

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I have a good friend whose life was set adrift when as an air traffic controller union official Reagan fired him and his fellow workers. He lost all his retirements funds and was forced into the wilderness to find a new career and new life. He did that. But if he was close to Reagan's grave, I wouldn't be surprised if he spit on it.

I didn't vote for Reagan in 1980 or 1984 because I knew he was all image and no substance, and what substance there was, would be bad news for all of us down the road. Those suspicions have since proven true.

Even though Republicans, who have nothing to run on except terror and I hope that dog doesn't hunt anymore, have all but canonized the Great Communicator as a political saint, what he did to the nation was just the beginning of a bad thing. If you born when Reagan became president, you'd be 27 now. In that time, you would have grown up thinking he was a good president, Bill Clinton was a bad president and Hillary, the wife of a bad president, is also bad. Young voteres 27 or younger have been inculcated with 15 years of harsh, negative Republican propaganda against the Clintons, Democrats, Gore, Kerry and others and that has become so embedded in the traditional media -- not even to mention the talking right-wing heads like Chris Matthews, or any Fox Newsers, the Coulter types, etc. -- that they don't know how blatantly prejudiced and biased they are in their reporting.

So when "young" voters believe the myth that Reagan was a kind, avuncular statesman who starred down Communism and made the sun rise again, they haven't a clue that the "morning in America" he spoke of then would turn into the "mourning in America" we have now. We didn't get where we are my accident.

Here's an interesting piece on this discussion

The "trickle down" theory of economics ... how incredibly condescending!

But...ya know... there are still some folks for whom FDR was the embodiment of everything evil...and they are still around ... must kill 'em when Bush jr. tries to compare himself to the great one.

One thing that troubles me is that from what I have read, Roosevelt was already implementing some of the programs he enacted when he took office--to help the unemployed and stop the panic. He also had the Brain Trust in place and working. I don't see any of that this go round, granted that none of the three leading candidates are Governors.