What's your smart marketing IQ? -- and Open Thread

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A little test on slogans, theme songs and other product branding. Passing this test is not necessarily a good thing.

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I scored 13 out of 20.

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more: 14.

For the first time but sadly it's only in brand recognition! Scored 17 and unfortunately for them, recognition doesn't translate to purchases.


Josh Marshall's Meltdown?

Maybe the guy is "red (state) baiting", or maybe it's just snark. No links, references, background - nada. But it's front-paged.

Is this the first you have noticed of Josh's little leg tingle for Obama? He's been in the tank for some time. So much that I rarely visit his sites these days.

something to my other comment. If you are interested in some good analysis of the Democratic side of the primaries, Open Left has been writing some excellent pieces. At least they are trying to keep some perspective on the primaries as you can see with Chris's The Old is New Again post from earlier today.

is one place I cruise through to catch up on campaign status. Good analysis.

Understood about Marshall's non-support for Obama, but that was a straight up hit piece that could've been written by Rove himself.

it was satire that many missed. Of course I can understand from reading it and knowing just how nasty this election is going to get this year. I just want to wake up to January 20, 2009.