Where does the Money go?

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There is a nifty little website called USAspending.gov that is sponsored by the Government Accountability Office.  It has a great search feature to let you sift through government contracts and grants to see who is getting the money and what they are getting it for.  If you have a couple of hours to waste, it is a perversely fun place to dig around.

For instance, one of their canned searches is for the top 100 recipients of government contracts in 2009 ... here are the top 20 ...click thru to the website for the rest of the list.

FY 2009 Rank Parent Company Name Dollars % of total
1 Lockheed Martin Corporation $3,379,884,409 7.600%
2 The Boeing Company $1,239,857,709 2.788%
3 Northrop Grumman Corporation $955,176,641 2.148%
4 Government of The United States $887,550,984 1.996%
5 Bechtel Group, Inc $788,229,192 1.772%
6 Los Alamos National Security LLC $731,898,741 1.646%
7 Kbr, Inc. $663,675,299 1.492%
8 United Space Alliance LLC $588,624,210 1.324%
9 Raytheon Company $578,127,560 1.300%
10 Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC $568,951,386 1.279%
11 McDermott International, Inc. $528,756,811 1.189%
12 Humana Inc. $513,318,318 1.154%
13 General Dynamics Corporation $497,886,757 1.120%
14 Merck & Co., Inc. $494,259,977 1.111%
15 Computer Sciences Corporation $484,463,918 1.089%
16 Alliance For Sustainable Energy, LLC $484,089,746 1.089%
17 URS Corporation $470,932,147 1.059%
18 L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc. $410,043,560 0.922%
19 Ut-Battelle, LLC $396,166,223 0.891%
20 Saic, Inc. $375,248,253 0.844%

Keep an eye on the ARRA contract awards and see if we have any repeat appearances by the guys on this list ...


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How can they pretend we hwave a free market in this country. Just take a look at the dominant position of the bastions of the military industrial complex.


that list, combined with Susie's tracking of the contractor numbers and cross-referencing with institutions that are once-removed from the financial bailouts.

Nice catch. :)

I wonder why so many of the top ones are defense contractors. Do you think it is a coincidence? Perhaps it will turn out sometime soon that the real beneficiaries of TARP money, and the Fed "facilities", are not the banks at all but defense contractors, and the banks are just pass throughs, like AIG was. Sometimes I think it was called the "Warren Commission" not because of the Supreme Court guy who chaired it, but because of what it did "I saw it, it went down that hole. No it didn't, are you nuts, it went down that one. I'm sure it was coming out of that one, not going into it at all." "Anyone here man enough to go down there and figure out what's going on in there?" 

Take a look at what this courageous chap found

You may get some meaningful answers.

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