Why does Sarah Palin Wear the Polar Bear Pin?

Via Crooks and liars, Climate Progress wonders "Why does Sarah Palin wear a polar bear pin?"

Climate Progress asks the question -- Why does Sarah wear a polar bear pin?

A1: She wants to help people remember what they looked like before her policies render them extinct.

A2: She likes sticking it to the bears.

A3. She couldn’t find a wolf-cub pin.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is famously fighting the Bush administration liberals who designated the polar bears a threatened species, and her global warming denial, if enshrined into law, would finish off the bear’s habitat (see “McCain VP Palin is a global-warming-denying, polar-bear-dissing, Pat Buchanan acolyte“).

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If you really want to know why she would wear the polar bear pin...

Can I give you a hint?

Notice anything odd on that secessionist party logo?

And YES... That second image is photoshopped. - CM1

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