Wikileaks Needs Our Help!


... could become as important a journalistic tool as the Freedom of Information Act.
- Time Magazine


Wikileaks is the world's #1 resource for publishing secret documents that are in the interest of public good.  This site is a colossal pain in the ass for corporate criminals, corrupt governments, tax cheats and anyone out to abuse the general public.  The site allows anyone in the world to submit secret documents anonymously so that the whole world can know what the criminals don't want you to know.  Whistleblowers and people of conscience who come across powerful secret information are able to make it public through Wikileaks.  It is the only site of its kind.

You may have read about stories in the news that Wikileaks helped to break since they began operations in 2007.  This site does what no other site in the world is doing or has done before: They give the truth a place to come out. A brief sample of stories that have come out of Wikileaks include,

Anti-union call between Bank of America, Bernie Marcus, et al. and Rick Berman, 17 Oct 2008

How One Fund's Profits Ended Up in the Caymans

Wikileaks releases NATO report on civilian deaths

UN probe indicts Kenya on police killings

CIA Algeria station chief Andrew Warren drug rape search affidavit, unredacted, 2008

Secret Israeli defense database shows full extent of illegal settlements, 2009

Bank Julius Baer millions of USD in trust for Mexican mass murderer and drug trafficker Arturo Acosta Chapparo, 1998

Imprisoned Australian author Harry Nicolaides censored novel: Verismilitude, 2005

Anthropologists Adopt New Language Against Secret Research

Parts for 'dirty bomb' found in slain US man's home

Change you can download: a billion in secret Congressional reports

Now, they need our help - and by help, I mean money.  Nothing of value comes free in this world.  Not liberty, health, food, space or in this case - the truth. Please visit their website to make a donation of any amount.  Please help keep a place in the world for truth to be found.  Please help fight corruption manipulation from elected governments, military dictatorships and corporate criminals.

You can give money directly or send a letter of support to the email address below. I ask that you do both.

Here is the letter I received from Wikileaks:

The Sunshine Press (Wikileaks) is in a dire financial position.

We need your letter of support.

Although we expect to receive some $2M in funding later this year,
there has been no formal funding since last year.

This organization's positive world impact has never been
higher, but it is, as a consequence, also more expensive run and
ran out of formal funding four months ago. Since that time our staff
and lawyers have funded the entire organization from their modest
personal savings and anyone else they can find to assist.

The reason that impartial, revelatory investigative journalism has
been traditionally funded by readers is that governments and
billionaires alike will not support groups which are tasked to
expose and reform them.

Despite being universally recognized as being the most important
stimulus of democratic reforms, government funding for
such organizations is non-existent.  At the same time organizations
which are guaranteed to have no domestic political impact are well funded.

On-line donations, an important buttress to our ability to take on
all governments and companies with total independence, have amounted
to around $10,000 since the beginning of the year. Costs outside
of court actions are almost $400,000 per year.

Our $2M funding injection later this year will support a radical expansion
of our mission. Until then, your support, and that of your friends and
colleagues, will mean the difference between continuing to
fight the good fight and shutting down.

If you support our work or have benefited from our cause, please
write a strong letter of recommendation we can to present to
additional funding bodies. You may examine our front page or google
news for ideas.

Also consider an easy on-line donation; every contribution, no
matter how small, will directly extend the number of months and
days we can continue taking on the world:

Send support letters to

Thank you.

Please give something to this site...time, money publicity.  We need all the allies we can get for truthdigging.


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And not in a bad-for-us kind of way, but a "bad for them" kind of way -- the type of voice that the Bush Administration and any other dark (GOP-like?) regime wants to quiet.

Thanks for posting this. :)