All Koch, All the Time

The money, regulatory, and legal interests of the Koch brothers are responsible for very much of the damage to these United States. The 'Kochtopus' intends to wreak all the more havoc that is possible, so, I've become thrilled to understand that Americans are finally seeing the corporate men behind the curtains. In front of the curtains, their agenda is paraded by the astroturf groups and think tanks of so many fronts that I have to question just how much of a Libertarian Party actually exists absent money from the Kochs. Some, I'm sure, just not how much.

 My title reflects a belief in the importance of this story, and how much effort should be made to make it understood. I've got some of it to tell.

I will do what I can to help this trend with new material soon.  For now, however, I will just try to point folks to new pieces of the story that only begin to explain how and why things are so bad.  

Ann Landman and the folks of PR Watch know a thing or twenty about the Koch brothers and their fraud and she's recently provided a very worthwhile read in "American Politics is Getting All Koch'ed Up".

Meanwhile, another good piece is found at Firedoglake, "Koch Industries Has Financial Stake in Derivatives and Pharmaceuticals, Not Just Oil".  

If you have other links, I think that we should begin to create an archival reference on the Kochs and their damage.  Please repost any links here, if you will.

Thanks in advance.

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