America Forgets About GUANTANAMO BAY

Even though President Obama promised to close Guatanamo Bay and discontinue the use of military tribunals neither one of these things has occurred. Why? Because of Right Wing complaining about Democrats being soft on National Security. So, today the first person to face one of these military tribunals will be a young man captured in Afghanistan when he was 15 years old.  But, it doesn't matter because its better to live in fear of your political opponents than do what is right.


During a pre-trial argument on Monday, a military prosecutor said that Khadr — the son of a trusted associate of Osama bin Laden — had told a U.S. interrogator that "the proudest moment of his life" was when he hurled the hand grenade that killed Speer.

Asked for comment about the U.N. official's statement, Joe DellaVedova, a spokesman for the military commissions, said a military judge has already ruled that there is no age limit under the Military Commissions Act that would prevent the case against Khadr from proceeding.

But privately, Pentagon officials have acknowledged that the criticism from human rights groups over their decision to proceed with a case against somebody who was a teenager at the time of his alleged crimes has created awkward public relations problems.

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