Another Day, Another Teabag Terrorist

Glen Beck loving Teabag terrorist, known on twitter as @ngenovese, arrested in Long Island scoping out a military base:

Glenn Beck Fan, Highly Armed, Busted For Casing National Guard Base, Thinking It Was A "FEMA Camp"

Taking a look at the background image of her twitter page removes any doubt about her teabagging. Much like many of the bigots, birthers and other crazies making up a good part of the Tea Party movement... She is way out there even by their wacky standards. But that is what you get when the so-called MSM pushes all of those people's buttons.

Think Progress delves into the mentality of Teabaggers:

Malkin Calls Right-Wing Tea Party Movement A ‘Counter-Insurgency’

This morning, right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin joined the ABC roundtable on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Asked what the conservative opposition strategy is going to be this coming month while Congress is in recess, Malkin said there is a growing “tea party movement — these counterinsurgencies amongst taxpayer rights groups” — that is fomenting opposition to Obama’s health care plan.

Malkin claimed the Obama administration has “vastly underestimated just how grassroots this movement is.” Lawmakers are going to face “townhalls-gone-wild,” she added. Watch it:

The term “counter-insurgencies” does reveal the mentality of conservatives in opposition to Obama. Like Bill Kristol has said, the right wing is bluntly stating that it is going “for the kill.” Malkin has previously declare her hope that Obama fails.

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