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This is precisely what happens:

Spitzer Whacked For Warning Of Financial Crisis, Bush Fed Targets Taxpayers As Bagholders

Roger Stone is the longtime dirty-trickster who knocked the socks off of Eliot Spitzer in a scandal of high-priced trysts that forced resignation of the NY Governor earlier this year. With a Republican pedigree stretching to Watergate, Stone needed little inducement more than Spitzer's capital "D" affiliation.

But, as the nation's taxpayers await the terms of our extortion by the Bush Administration's 'exempt from oversight' bankers' club under a plan -- including full immunity -- led by Henry Paulson, it's time to consider the political assassination of another White House enemy for the SOP it was.

Sure, Spitzer should have de-socked before his career-ending indiscretion. But we should revisit the prophetic message that was lost to the tsunami of Spitzer's scandalization two weeks later.

Julian Assange take note - This is what happens when you threaten the Banks of Amer, err, the United States of America:

WikiLeaks Chief Is Put on Interpol List

What? You honestly think that Foggy Bottom's soiled laundry getting aired in public is enough to get the elites this mad?

In this latest WikiLeaks release -- probably the least informative of them all, at least so far -- we learned a great deal as well.  Juan Cole today details the 10 most important revelations about the Middle East.  Scott Horton examines the revelation that the State Department pressured and bullied Germany out of criminally investigating the CIA's kidnapping of one of their citizens who turned out to be completely innocent.  The head of the Bank of England got caught interfering in British politics to induce harsher austerity measures in violation of his duty to remain apolitical and removed from the political process, a scandal resulting in calls for his resignation.  British officials, while pretending to conduct a sweeping investigation into the Iraq War, were privately pledging to protect Bush officials from embarrassing disclosures.  Hillary Clinton's State Department ordered U.N. diplomats to collect passwords, emails, and biometric data in order to spy on top U.N. officials and others, likely in violation of the Vienna Treaty of 1961 (see Articles 27 and 30; and, believe me, I know:  it's just "law," nothing any Serious person believes should constrain our great leaders)..

Emphasis mine, because no one in their right mind thinks memos from the State Department are not going to be a bit rough on some governments/politicians in their routine messages. To ruffle some feathers and expose a few lies is to be expected.

No big deal. No money lost.

 I truly believe that the upcoming leaks, expected to be from a Bank of America execs hard drive, will be a lot more interesting as to the common practices of the banking industry as a whole. And a window into the fraud that is proving rampant in the industry.

And the next round of wikileaks may open up a floodgate of assault from the elite as it may expose the Kleptocrtic bank bailouts for what it was and still is:

Wikileaks’ next target: A major US bank

He's been relentlessly revealing some of the US government's most deeply held secrets, but for his next act, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says he will expose the corruption of a major American bank.

Bank of America, anyone?

I'd say that it would be a fair bet that there be gold in them there BoA leaks, to be sure. And a lot of rich people that would do anything, even use the government as their tool (they own it and the gold so why not, eh?) to try to silence the messenger.

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Added the title to the excerpt from Luaptifer's piece "Spitzer Whacked For Warning Of Financial Crisis, Bush Fed Targets Taxpayers As Bagholders" to clarify the point of the excerpt. Meant to have it there in the first place and added at the time of this comment. D'oh!

You and every American must see that film because it helps to understand what happened.  And most especially, it makes clear that of the entire financial scam of the decade of 00s, Spitzer was the only official to hang the criminal placard on the criminal industry, and to exact a price that is the only one ANYWHERE that can be pointed to as evidence that the "crooks did not get away with everything".

The film also makes clear that Wall Street industrialized the prostitution industry for all their coke-brokers and dealmakers.

Of course, that's what they took Spitzer down with, too.

Go to the website of "Inside Job" for trailers and testimonials.

And this 12-page Study Guide gives you a sense of the sort of detail the film gets really clear about!

For a documentary, the film was very expensive to make, > $20,000,000,000,000.00 came out of our collective hides.

Website of "Inside Job".

through the site today. Especially given that I have some extra time to read because Mr. Barlow was kind enough to toss up a post this morning. Side note: If you have seen the movie and think the stuff is worth sharing maybe you could do a review of it?

And that is a heck of a lot of zeroes in that number there... Ouch.