The Biggest Lie

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The Big Cheney is caught in the Biggest Lie.

Remember, this is how they leveraged the US into the war.

I remember it well because the Lie and its intended fallout became a foundation as the footer of my first blog "Break on Through" ( @ ).

Rather, an excerpt of the results of the "PROGRAM ON INTERNATIONAL POLICY ATTITUDES" study on American attitudes just before the November 2004 Election was cited to demonstrate the summary conclusion of the study:

"The Separate Realities of Bush and Kerry Supporters" (PDF - October 21, 2004)

...Similarly, 75% of Bush supporters continue to believe that Iraq was providing substantial support to al Qaeda, and 63% believe that clear evidence of this support has been found. Sixty percent of Bush supporters assume that this is also the conclusion of most experts, and 55% assume, incorrectly, that this was the conclusion of the 9/11 Commission. Here again, large majorities of Kerry supporters have exactly opposite perceptions. The Bush supporters agree with Kerry supporters on one key issue: that Bush as good as said that all these things were so. Insofar as a value judgement has taken place it appears to be that Bush is a good Christian man, that good Christian men do not lie when the fate of the country is at stake, and that therefore these things must be true, regardless of the evidence.

And all the torture, and the war crimes, and the killing and the destruction of what is meant by "America" all followed directly from the Big Cheney's Big Lie.  To reiterate:

So why are Bush supporters clinging so tightly to these beliefs in the face of repeated disconfirmations? Apparently one key reason is that they continue to hear the Bush administration confirming these beliefs.

Will the American people permit him to get away with yet another one, the biggest yet?

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