Via McClatchy:

Shiite Iraqi militants have trained in Iran in preparation for attacks against U.S. military bases as American combat forces prepare to withdraw by September, the top U.S. commander in Iraq said on Tuesday.

In an unusually candid assessment, Gen. Ray Odierno said that Kataib Hezbollah - an Iraqi Shiite militant group backed by Iran - may be seeking to take some credit for the long-planned departure of U.S. troops.

"For years these groups have been (saying) that they are forcing the U.S. to leave," Odierno told reporters in Baghdad. A significant strike "could be a huge propaganda tool for them in the future."

I guess al Qaeda no longer scares people enough to want them to keep America in Iraq (or Afghanistan) since, now, we have the al Iran Hezbollah Qaeda super army being rolled out in one big bogeyman to try to get you to cower in support of forever war. As Laurence Lewis at dKos notes:

Odierno was considered one of the least sensitive commanders of the initial years of the Iraq Invasion and Occupation. His troops were considered among the most needlessly brutal. If there's one thing he understands, it's huge propaganda tools.

I can't help but wonder if Israel helped the propagandists name this newest figment of their al Qaeda imaginations? All that is missing is a Hamas tie to make the ultimate army of al Qaeda bogeyman complete. Anyways...

Note to the warmongers and their fear campaigns: We won't let you stampede us into another front of your assault on sanity. And boo fricken hoo to you.

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