Bradblog - Tea Party Express II: Rise Of The Tea Bags

Parts I and II of Brad Friedman's report from the christening of the second wave of teabagging that has striked stricken struck set out across the country from this departure in Southern California.

Brad allows teabaggers to make their point (which is his point) in a very effective way: repeated invitations to enunciate, for example, the list of freedoms taken away under the Obama Administration, left embarrassing voids or the trailing ellipsis. 

It almost seemed that simply taking advantage of the open microphone left some unable to make the point being protested by their sign...'but-but President Obama really IS a proven llar'...




Well, judge for yourself, but I found the two-part sequence entertainingly informative of some who can't distinguish ground-holes from a-holes even being shown evidence, 'Hey, it's attached to ya!'


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