Bruno ... Much Ado About Nothing ?

With the opening of the movie Bruno on Friday, I wrote a commentary as to why I have no problem with the movie as a "member" of the LGBT community.

The commentary is at my newest commentary venue, Hearst Newspapers.

When I was asked by representatives of Hearst/CT papers back in March if I would be interested in writing pieces about the LGBT community, I said yes if the commentaries could appear on all four websites of the Connecticut newspapers which Hearst owns.

And the commentary blog does, which between the four papers covers all of Fairfield County in Connecticut, perhaps the most liberal part of the state.

While this is only "one voice" from the LGBT community, I hope to bring to the table for those who still don't understand nor care for LGBTs, that not all of us are "flamers" as in Hilton Perez.

No quite the opposite, we're just regular folks like everyone else, with a slightly different interest in socializing.

There are now several commentaries up to read, from Bruno to DADT to DOMA.

So have a look at the link above for Bruno and while there you can click the title of the blog to go back to the homepage.

I'm not setting out to change the world, just an attitude or two.

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