Cadmium Poisoning / Product Alert: McDonald's 'Shrek' Glassware

ATTENTION: If you have a glass Shrek-themed drinking cup from McDonald's, you need to read this. Small amounts of cadmium have been detected in the paints used on the characters and pose a serious health risk.

From Reuters:

(Reuters) - McDonald's Corp has recalled at least 13.4 million "Shrek"-themed drinking glasses in the United States and Canada after consumers were warned to stop using them because they contain the toxic metal cadmium.


Cadmium was found in the painted design of the movie characters on the glassware, which McDonald's outlets sold for about $2 each, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Canada's health ministry Health Canada.

The recall affected 12 million glasses in the United States and at least another 1.3 million in Canada, according to McDonald's.

"A very small amount of cadmium can come to the surface of the glass, and in order to be as protective as possible of children, CPSC and McDonald's worked together on this recall," CPSC spokesman Scott Wolfson said in an email.

The CPSC said designs on the glasses, made by ARC International in Millville, New Jersey, contain cadmium and "long-term exposure ... can cause adverse health effects."

If you have one of the Shrek-themed glasses, cease using it and return it to McDonald's for a full refund.

Thank you.

Hat-tip to Jennifer and g'ma of DelphiForums for the initial heads-up. This has also been tweeted by GreyHawk in the following form:

HEALTH RISK: Return any Shrek glass cups to McDonalds 4 a full refund - do not use. Cadmium poisoning.

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Made in China?

According to the article, the designs on the glasses were made by ARC International of Millville, New Jersey.

for the source given what we see imported these days. But we can be just as bad, at times.

Especially now, when our own internal checks and balances need some serious scrutiny and restructuring. The politics of the last 8-10 years prior to this Administration, and the ongoing politics that are impacting any attempts to address the major issues of the nation, have seriously challenged our ability to properly oversee production and quality processes.

Side note: sent you an email...